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    I think that ArmA 3 Vanilla Zeus can be fixed.

    yep, its all up to the BI and the mod makers to decide
  2. By that, I mean that basically the whole arma 3 zeus could be fixed by of course integrating in some of the mods like Ares and Zeus Enhanced itself into vanilla ArmA 3 itself, like they did with the zeus menu bug fix or whatever, I do not remember its name. Ares and technically its new version, Zeus Enhanced are very good addons, which can change the arma 3 zeus itself, and possibly make the arma 3 zeus less annoying. Like, it would be nice if it would be implemented into the ArmA 3 bohemia public zeus servers or whatever, which could really help the zeusers as well as give us new possibilities. Of course, thats something up to the bohemia interactive to decide. The zeus mode itself is very fun, and I play it all the time if I have nothing to do in ArmA 3, and I think that it should get some love also, especially that there is a new DLC coming, and I think that zeus missions with that DLC content, which is of course S.O.G Prairie Fire, would be amazing.