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  1. Thanks, P1Ker1. This does kinda set me in the right direction I believe. Honestly, so much of my struggle with scripting isn't even the actual writing, but knowing which commands to use, and I never do lol.
  2. Soooo off the hop, my scripting knowledge and expertise are very minimal; I don't know much and what I do know isn't overly thorough lol. However, as the title says, I've been messing about with a simple addAction to use the Zeus Enhanced remote control function, to switch to a medic or engineer at base, and it kinda works, but there are some issues: It only seems to work for units within a relative proximity to my player controlled unit. For example, on Takistan, if I'm stationed at the Northern Airbase, I can run the script and switch to the units at that Northern base, but if I try to switch to a unit in the Southern Airbase from the Northern, it switches, but it doesn't give me full control. I can only shoot and aim. This is not desirable lol. This ties in with 3. After a while, the "Back to Player" action stops working and only opens the Zeus menu, even if the initial "switch" works, and I can control the unit fully. It seems to die after a while in the mission where it won't work at all and doesn't grant me any control over the unit; it will just open the Zeus menu. It's a simple script that I use, and it's functionality, generally achieves what I want: player addAction ["Control Medic 1", {[med1] call zen_remote_control_fnc_start; player allowDamage false;}]; //adds remote control function to scroll wheel and disables player damage med1 addAction ["Back to Player", {sleep 0.1; findDisplay 312 closeDisplay 2; player allowDamage true;}]; //adds switch back to player unit and enables player damage I've done it by calling the whole script via execVM, I've added the above code to the respective unit's init, and I've also done it manually in the debug during the mission (not all at the same time lol); all seem to have the same longstanding behaviour. Ideally, I'd like all player units to be able to utilize the feature, but for the case of this particular script, it's just a solo mission, so starting with that is ok by me. Is the issue with the fact that I'm running it in MP on a dedicated, and it needs to be scripted differently than I've done? MP scripting is something that is very foreign to me still. The dedicated runs pretty well, generally around 30fps, but seems to drop to around 20fps when lots is happening. If I remember correctly, no less than 20fps on a dedi was ideal? So I think it runs well enough. Client side, my fps is anywhere from about 35fps to 80fps, depending on where I am, what's going on, etc...the usual ARMA fps culprits. It's not a deal-breaker for my mission, I've more or less found other work arounds to achieve my end goal: repairs and healing via a triggered area that automatically performs the respective functions, but I'd like to be able to include the option to manually control those units, for immersions sake. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Sorry to necro an old post, but how would you do this so that an AI medic heals any unit (player or AI) who activates the trigger instead of it just firing the function and healing? This works like a charm, and would still force units to travel to designated areas for a full heal, but for immersion's sake, it would be cool to have an actual medic perform the full heal, ya know?
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    [R3F] Logistics

    This thread seems dead, but I'm going to try anyways. I'm at a loss. When you use the full whitelist for the creation factory, ACE repair items (spare track, spare wheel) are included, but I can't figure out which class was used to include them for a custom whitelist. Can anybody help? I've looked through the R3F files and found nothing. All classes I've tried from the cfgViewer were to no success. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Cheers Edit: I got in touch with someone from the R3F team, all good now. From R3F: