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  1. Solved this by accident, Ownership of the Mod Folders was set to root.
  2. Hello, after trying to solve this by myself for 4 Hours (!) i definitely need Help... I'm just trying tu set up a little server for myself and a few Friends, Vanilla server works and is starting up as expected. However the Server seems to not find any mods I try to load into the Game. This is not the First Arma 3 Server I'm setting up, but this is new... #edit: I found many solution attempts, i.e. ensuring that folder and .pbo Names are lowercase, but none solved the Problem. Complete Log: Too long for Bohemia Forums, here a Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/iJPJBJTa Important Parts: Server seems to not find the Mod Folders. The Mod folders are in the Installation Directory of the Server. (i.e. they are not missing)