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  1. Max Kordhard

    Campers/Mortar Strikes/Alarm - DISTRACTING

    There is a SIMPLE solution to this problem. Even two. That won't break the game. 1. A mortar strike must not be preceded by a siren and flare release, which allow the player to run out of the radius of the affected area. Let the player know that he has come under fire only by the fact of the falling mines. At the same time, the roar of the siren will not interfere with other players. 2. Make the portable signal detector more affordable. Reduce its cost and the level of the crafting workbench and make the blueprint not purple, but white, so that it is more often found in white boxes. Or make it reusable. Then any player afraid of campers can use it. But in general, camping is an important part of the game. It is also not correct to completely exclude him from the gameplay.
  2. Max Kordhard

    Weapons & Trophies

    Sorry for my english, using google translator. I have a small bug report and two weapon suggestions. On PS4 there was an error with obtaining the "World Traveler" trophy. All triangles turned black on all maps, then the trophy was never received. Obviously the statistics are being reset. Please fix this. By arms. The game has a bug in the implementation of magazines for many submachine guns. A number of such pistols-pellets fire from an open bolt. That is, before the shot, the chamber is empty, the bolt is in the rear position. When the shutter is pressed, the shutter breaks off the sear, picks up the cartridge from the store, drives it into the barrel and breaks the primer there. That is, it is impossible to charge one more cartridge in Tommi-gan or PPSh, as in AK or M16. The same applies to belt-fed machine guns such as the M60. There the additional cartridge cannot be loaded outside the belt. I hope you understand what I mean. I also want to say about pistols. I have fired a lot of PM in Russia, and I can assure you that it is very difficult to keep it perfectly level when firing. And in the game he sits in his hand, as if in a vice, and his accuracy is somehow prohibitively high. The same applies to many other types of weapons. They are too easy to hold in their hands, they do not hesitate in any way. But at the same time, any barrel with a low-magnification telescopic sight, for example, P90 or AUG-9mm, when looking through the sight, moves with a shaker. And it was also very surprising that the expensive premium-class shotgun Beretta 687 is given from the very beginning and is available for manufacturing by the player, although in real life it is a rather expensive weapon, but a cheap poker with a log instead of the Izh-43 stock is less common and costs more. And the sawn-off shotgun of this gun turned out to be even more expensive, which is quite surprising. It would be more logical to do the opposite. But in general, I really like the game! Thank you so much, I am a big fan of your work since the first "Flashpoint"!