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    Air Breathing Script?

    Wow! Thanks guys. Brilliant I look forward putting these scripts to work
  2. Hi I'm doing a Sci-fi mission and I was wondering as to how I would go about creating air breathing scripts so that if the player took off certain clothing items they would then suffer damage for it. I would also like to include a limited amount of air that I could refill with designated objects as well as a counter to inform the player. I know it's a bit unusual but I would certainly appreciate any input or advice Thank you for time ☺️
  3. reckazoid

    Op Pistol Mass

    I've been playing Arma for a while and I'm in the middle of creating a SP Sci-Fi mission using OpTre assets The video is of the introduction sequence which I'm planning to include a mission briefing voice-over, ominous music and the like. Of course these videos are a demonstration of the general ideas that I'm going for I've composited the Xian into a space background and then used a very simple overlay over the target site which will be on the planet. If anyone wants to chip in for voices then I'd be happy and of course please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Thank you