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  1. Zane Moseley


    Hi I just started playing vigor and i need some help, tips and tricks
  2. Zane Moseley

    tips and tricks

    kane if you are seeing this then that means you either just joined or you are just checking my page out if so call me when ever you can.
  3. welcome to the talk page and enjoy!
  4. congrats you found the talking page which is entirely empty at the moment because no one has joined yet.
  5. hi if your looking for tips and tricks I will either answer them in a few minutes or I will answer them in an hour because I have a simulation AI that allows me to see every outcome of every strategy just tell me the problem and ill get cracking.
  6. I need help with a certain part of the carrier command story mode does anyone have tips or tricks for me?
  7. Zane Moseley

    Original Carrier Command

    Yes you are correct about the spawn point I think but the enemy carrier will spawn the same distance away from mid map as you and the carrier will star producing and upgrading instantly I suggest you fill up your production list with the stuff that you think will be useful but remember the limit you have on minerals and always try to stay away from the enemy carrier intil you think you are ready and take out the turrets first then disable the engines so it cant move because it will be faster than you so use mantas they will hang behind the enemy carrier witch you want take one manta to attack at a time once you have destroyed the turrets then you can bring in the rest of your units park your carrier broad side ( next to ) the other ship and then your ship guns will also help and you can use walruses ( choose your weapons carefully ) and i think that's it if you could help me out with my fist question that would be great!
  8. Zane Moseley

    Original Carrier Command

    oh and i just read you comment Chris Jolly I didnt notice that this commenting platform was sooooooo old. I think thats really cool its like looking at some old cave writing.
  9. Zane Moseley

    Original Carrier Command

    I just have one question? Can you destroy the enemies stockpile and have the enemy carrier run dry of supplies ( If you can even do that with the equipment you have because Anderson or Okoro mention that with some of the equipment you have you may not be able to attack the enemy stockpile ) I have never tried to attack the enemy stockpile first because I either have bad luck and as im trying to warp the enemy carrier is taking my islands and the carrier may even take 1-2 islands while im in time warp or ill encounter the enemy carrier and get obliterated because if you played the story mode ( cant spell campaing right sorry ) Captain Arora says "The enemy is building a second carrier that is far Superior than the one you found at the old docks on Vulcan". What I am thinking of this is that the carrier in the strategic mode is the same and it still is far superior than you until your able to get better equipment. ( yes I know theres a way to put the difficulty of the carrier on different levels but easy level is just well to easy so Id rather go medium or hard.) So does anyone know if its possible to destroy the enemy stockpile first thing without any new equipment?