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    Bombing of tokyo in WW2

    Fortunately for Japan, the B-29s were monstrously difficult to supply from bases in India and China, and flying through the Himalayas was extremely dangerous. Therefore, the B-29s did not fly out to bomb Japan for the first time until the night of 15 to 16 June 1944. Of all the bombs, only one fell on the target - the steel mills in Yawato. The price paid for this single successful attack was high: the Americans lost 57 crew members and one war correspondent. Not surprisingly, the next raid took place only two months later. After the capture of the Mariana Islands - Saipan, Tinian and Guam - a much better opportunity opened up to attack Japan from the south. On Saipan, military builders landed the day after the first landing on 15 June 1944. Despite the heat and humidity, six bases with 11 lanes were soon ready on the islands - one asphalt factory produced 700 tons of product per day on site. The flight to and from Japan took around 14-15 hours.