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  1. Must admit the time is coming soon for another upgrade, not sure what yet, but its interesting reading the pc talk here.
  2. As the previous poster said, I'd be inclined to go to vanilla and start from there with each mod.
  3. WGP

    Arma3 Videos

    This operation is very entertaining.
  4. WGP

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Interesting. Not what we have found, if you name your group members and give them different behaviours, stance etc, works fine. But that is in Arma 2, not sure of Arma 3, must be different.
  5. WGP

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Is it different to doing it via init or script. I.e. naming U1,U2,U3 etc. U2 made some nice records. U2 setUnitSong "BABYFACE"; got a reasonable response. (or maybe that command should have been to the whole group).
  6. WGP

    Radio Arma

    Another very interesting broadcast, thanks.
  7. I wager there are huge numbers of players that would love to be 'stuck' at 70-73fps. I remember when it was the concensus that 30fps was adequate to play this series.
  8. WGP

    Radio Arma

    That's nice, they got some chinese money which is good, should help keep things ticking over.
  9. WGP

    Free Games

    Can't remember the last time I fired Steam up. Must be at least 3yrs I guess.
  10. WGP

    Radio Arma

    Very interesting show, enjoyed it a lot.
  11. WGP

    Radio Arma

    Anymore coming. We enjoy these broadcasts.