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  1. Again not correct. I'll remove our link then, no need if they are all over on AA. Of course they're not, but that is this community isn't it.
  2. To correct that false statement. The wgp archive is not in any way a mirror of AA or AH.
  3. These are as they were dl'ed from AH, AA & a number of other places over the years. We will add to this quite often, we have a huge archive of Arma 2/Arma 2 OA addons etc. Over time some files may be un-zipped and in folder form, depends on how we find them in our own archives. Feel free to add comments regards these. These are in no particular order, just as they come from archive hdd's. You will need WinRar & 7-Zip to unpack these. ( Any problems questions etc, regards a dl, please put here with the number. We won't be able to do much about the contents, but we may have alternate versions) Please note: If any upload from this thread shown below in any post, has a restriction for any reason and your the content maker, please let us know here in the thread and we will check and remove if required. Archive available via: WarGamingPlus Arma2 & Arma 2 OA Content Archive (updating daily). Updated 04/07/2022 Total uploaded so far = 1530 files
  4. Just a note, we are removing the link to our very popular public WGP mod/addon/script/content archive. This will be done on the 30th of November 2022, so please download as much as you want from there prior to this. There is around 1570 items in the public archive and around 1920 items on the private wgp/kai version. We will still host both archives, they will not disappear so just keep an eye on our yt channel for further news. We keep adding content to these archives, but this has slowed down considerably over the past few months. KAI users mostly know they can access the wgp/kai current version of the archive from their usual place. Access to the wgp arma archive that is public, is to be removed for the foreseeable future. Ty
  5. WGP

    Is Discord the norms nowadays?

    Don't really use discord, best info regards the arma series tends to be around groups (private or not), or indeed here is good to. The arma series goes back some way, so newer players should expect to have to search broadly to get as much info as possible, probably not so much on discord.
  6. Is it the glt_su24 with the cdf_config your looking for ? I put the cdf_config file over today if that is what you are looking for. Other than that I haven't looked through, but if it isn't already in the archive it will most likely go in at some stage.
  7. It's already in the archive, back online Monday for a week or two.
  8. WGP

    First impressions and feedback

    My first impressions are, they've released it as a joke.
  9. Its in here Archive I'll leave the archive link available for a day or two so grab it while you can. Still have loads of sorting to do yet. 🙂
  10. O.k. link back on. I had to go through and check some things, mainly because I have uploaded these in blocks and not really taken a great deal of notice of what is what. A couple I put up, I was asked to take down, so have done that and checked the rest with the limited time I have. Anyone seeing anything they feel should not be up in the archive can mention it here or indeed email me if you have the wgp email address. Thanks.
  11. I perhaps didn't explain to well. However I thought anyone taking that route would understand what it was for. But you explained it very well. The reason for doing it in the configs is, much more control, just what I have found anyway.
  12. I appreciate you telling me @dalber. I made a note on the file that they are arma3. I'll leave them up there, possibly be some more, seems like this batch is mixed up a little. Thanks.
  13. For extra help. Scene Complexity. Lower this to whatever you think you can stand. It will make quite a difference to your fps (or should), the lower you set it. How to: Go into your arma 3 folder in your docs. Open 'yourplayername.Arma3Profile', line 759 change the number downwards. ie. 900000 to 400000 or lower, keep testing to see how it looks ingame. Use Notepad++ or similar to open the file.
  14. Yep, that 4790k is fast, however you need a good cooler. 😉 They're red hot in more than one way....
  15. I'm just thinking about this series. I think if your like myself and game in the old 1920x1080p then some of these older cpu's are a good bet. Overall older cpu's are fairly cheap (not the cheapest, but reasonable), and to be honest there are some gems in those older cpu's. Like I said, I game in 1920x1080 monitor wise, with just a 60hz refresh (I'm old, what can I say) so not hard to get reasonable fps. Over 60fps would be a waste of time for me, so something like the 4790k is more than enough when combined with a pretty good gpu. The YAAB is not necessarily the best guide, it's o.k. but I think this series, when tactically played, runs along at 40-45fps avg just as well. For me 40-45fps avg in YAAB, would be more than good enough for an entry level into the series (30fps being the lowest). I have seen the R7 5800x with the RTX3080 and it runs beyond what I need really, however I've recently purchased one, got a good price. It's here in the box and will remain there until I get around to setting it up. Until then I can only go from what I have seen of others with the same setup, it seems to do very well. I don't really worry to much about benchmarks in this series, been around so long 30-40fps was the target years ago and the way we play and have our gaming worlds setup, it would still be o.k. probably. Although I'm lucky and get a constant 60fps with the setup I have now (vsync enabled). Entry level players to this series, don't have to go into the current batch of cpu's and can shop with older (although new) cpu's. Some good prices around.
  16. I have opened another hdd and this contains quite a few unopened dl's from various places concerning the series. There are 947 unopened dl's concerning arma 2/oa/arma/dlc's. I am starting to put these up, however there may be doubles or alternate versions of other content I have up here. If you see doubles (that are not other versions), please let me know and I can take those doubles down. I really don't have the time to sort through, so I just thought I would start putting these up. This will obviously take some time.
  17. If I were looking for a slightly cheaper pc setup, I'd go with a i7-4790k or 4770k, also a gtx 1060 or above for a good arma 3 experience on high settings @ around 3-5000mtr vd. We have a couple of players playing on those and they seem to have no problems. Need a good cooler for the 4790k though.
  18. Yes, I think anything arma series related is worth protecting (especially arma 2/oa + dlc's). We don't really have any user made mission/campaigns other than those supplied with the content we have put up. So yep, well worth hosting somewhere if you can.
  19. My friend has got a Ryzen7 5800x with a rtx3080, said it runs arma 3 great, even though he still plays arma 2 with us.
  20. @Killerman29 that's great, glad you got it. Cheers @dalber24 It isn't on the hdd I'm doing at the moment, there are a few ranger units but not from that name. However there is another addon that requires that ranger 1979 one, its called 'RangerDeltaForce' by 'lao Fei Mao'. If you need that I can slip it in with the workload going up.
  21. Started to get to some units/factions now so a few of those went up today. Kinda random what I'm coming across, some I know I can't list.
  22. Must admit I don't think four years is that old. However, the only thing you can do with ai is add your own content to it to improve it's effectiveness. It's always been a problem, but that said, the ai does a hell of a lot 'right' too. 🙂