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  1. Its been said before, and it needs to be said again, for the Switch Users this game is quickly loosing its appeal due to the disadvantage(s) that Cross Play creates for switch users. From the Graphics, to Controllers, to settings (Aim Assist, etc.), as well as the mismatch in paring for encounters, it's no longer enjoyable to begin a game only to be obliterated by Xbox users within minutes. I........we, ALL understand that cross play allows for faster matchmaking, but who cares when you cant play, or compete on the same level for a full game. I'm sure the Switch base of users would prefer the setting to disable cross-play, which may result in longer matchmaking times, but worth the wait in my opinion. Better to leave that choice to the user, who can opt-in or out if they feel they're waiting too long. I've been playing for approximately 2 months...level 22, and I feel myself now looking for other games to play in place of this one. It would be nice to see you incorporate this option, as just about every switch player has requested it, and exists in many other games.