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  1. Kingm4k3r1

    Skill based matchmaking making

    Well put matt. Surely it cant be to difficult to add afew upgrades to build tree?so many player hunters in lobbys now with only kills to play for makes survival very hard for all not just new players
  2. Kingm4k3r1

    Reticle issue quick fix

    Not sure if this has been posted before but if your having issues with reticle staying enlarged after firing weapon then melle while not in aimed fire and it resets back to default setting.
  3. Kingm4k3r1

    People teaming up in solo shootout

    Ive seen this quite a few times in solo and it totaly kills the game, if you kill one of them it makes it even easier as they can then track every player in game through th spectate option. But ive also said hi to players in game and weve gone on to take drops and kills so where do you draw the line on teaming and the hi option? I also get party invites in alot of games which i presume is team up aswell
  4. Kingm4k3r1


    And what about the long list of other bugs in game, when are the team going to address these? Maybe focus on these instead of new skins and battle pass bits🙄
  5. Kingm4k3r1

    Water distillation plant

    So after reading the description on this i noticed it dosnt say anything about weapon crafting times only consumables, is this the case and if so can you drop the weapon crafting times atall?
  6. Kingm4k3r1

    Remove player that are harassing other on forms

    Banned for what? Surely not for what he said on here, please tell me theres more to it than that?
  7. Kingm4k3r1

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    Agreed and no need to insure,problem i have though is ive plans for all the top weapons now but what i really want is the 2 aks plans, have i missed the bus on these or is it a waiting game?
  8. Kingm4k3r1

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    I hit a patch of bad signal last night matt so had to adopt this method, shotgun with 10 cartridges was all i took with me, this was the most fun id had in a while and gathered shit loads
  9. Kingm4k3r1

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    The problem with giving new players an easy ride is they have to step into the real world at some point and imo it should be sooner rather than later, get good as they say and getting good involves getting smashed by better players or learning to avoid them. New players need to understand that good players were in the same boat as them one day and time spent in game will only improve your play
  10. Kingm4k3r1

    locked extractions?!

    If you want us to loot more but add less loot then we need longer in game before drop/radiation
  11. Kingm4k3r1


    And more than 1 loadout in preset would be good, im sure im not the only one that has preferred loadouts for different maps.
  12. Kingm4k3r1

    Random radiation?

    Thanks overlord, i do remember seeing this in the comms option now you say that.
  13. Kingm4k3r1

    Some Positive and Constructive Feedback

    I agree with you on the signal detectors, i dont see the need for them atall with so many clues and cues its not hard to find players if thats your thing. This game badly needs a 3D headphone setting imo, although footsteps etc are clearly audible the direction is terrible
  14. Kingm4k3r1

    Bugs bugs bugs

    Yeah not to keen on station myself for same reasons matt, also grontheim becoming painful to play due to spawns now🙄