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    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Hey there, first of all, I'm pretty new to this and I just get into the arma world. But I love it. So for a kind of battle with my friend I just asked me, when we do missions "is there a way to see which one of us did the killshot?". So I finally got this damn cool script. And it works kind of well for me. Not in every mission but thats ok. But there is one thing I want to know and maybe fix this. Is there any way to get by the phrase " Player killed ...XY" the real name of the AI? When I kill someone there is always "only" the unit class...like "grenadier" or so. But I want to see "Player killed "Brad Schmidt" or something like this. Because every AI Unit has its random name, right? When I look in the editor under identity there is a name. Is that possible in this script? Would be great if you guys could help me! Greetings from germany Coach
  2. Hey, I'm pretty new to Arma 3 and just got my first steps on a warlords map. I captured the airport so I was pretty excited an a10. For me it's pretty difficult to fly with tastatur so I decided to get my old joystick out. It's an old one but still got a little throttle stick on it. Arma 3 has identified the stick and I started to fly. The problem is that the throttle reacts to the stick a bit weird. There is only 100% or 0% Speed. I cannot adjust it in fine tuning. If I throttle the stick only half way it gets me to 100% and when I pull back the throttle it goes down to 0%. Does anyone knows whats wrong wih that and is there a way to fix this???? Greetings Mario