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  1. So I've learned shootout is the only logical way to get purple crates since nobody spends crowns to upgrade in encounters. Fine, so I start playing on a second account after wasting a few weeks in encounters getting slapped on my regular account by people with all the goodies. A do-over. I decided to focus only on shootout. I've probably won 90-95% of my matches (hundreds) and not only paid for my battlepass, but leveled to 50 with all the crates I've opened. FIFTY LEVELS of XP purely from winning shootout and opening crates! I must have opened 1000 shootout crates, and conservatively 100 purple crates. I have 50+ of every weapon, blueprints for most weapons (including Hbar/SG1/etc) 10k+ of each resource, lvl 11 workbench, 3k+ crowns....etc. And after all that, STILL NO PLATE OR SIGNAL BP!!! What gives?!?! I want to start encounters, but why go in at such a disadvantage? Other players with those plans not only have double my health, but can find my location while they hide in a bush! Is this insane grind as intended? How many lobbys must I destroy to get an even foothold in encounters!?!? Thousands?!?! I'M FREAKING BORED OF SHOOTOUT!
  2. I've really enjoyed this game since a friend suggested it, but more and more frequently I'm running into people rapidfiring Hbars faster than humanly possible. If you are about to comment about how you can press the fire button really fast, save it. I've tested at the firing range, and what I'm seeing in game just isn't possible w/o some sort of mod. Here are my questions: 1. Is it now considered "acceptable" for people to use modded controllers? 2. If not, how do we report this ridiculous exploit so we can play a friendly competitive game? 3. If so, why are people ok with it? It's obviously cheating, so what gives?