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  1. Finally completed a strategy game with the mod and made some further adjustments along the way. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sydrrvdvglxtz34/nemisismod_6_2_for_v1_07_0025.zip?dl=1 v6.2 * Destroying radar building will prevent island from relaying your exact position to the enemy carrier (when scrambler active) * Reduced chance of manta reinforcements for enemy carrier at enemy island, the further from island less chance * The fix for stuck enemy carrier in 6.1 still missed some situation so more anti-stick measure added
  2. New update which should be pretty solid now. Currently playing through a strategy game and so far so good. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l1b8a077lgzgxle/nemisismod_6_1_for_v1_07_0025.zip?dl=0 v6.1 * Fixed bug where enemy carrier could get stuck at island forever or until player showed up * Adjusted angle limitations of main carrier turret to allow for more broadsides but less down angle * Carrier scrambler min range decreased (makes it more effective) and reduced it's fuel usage to almost nothing. * Added new warning messages and sounds when scrambler is active and player is detected/not detected * Various improvements to scrambler and carrier battle and retreat behaviour
  3. Lost my old forum account so had to create a new one. Anyway after a long break from the game I finally updated the mod for the latest official patch v1.07.0025 - I've tested the carrier battles quite a bit but have yet to play through a complete strategy game. If anyone is still playing and would like to try the mod you can download new version below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cy0q9acpr2dts7/nemisismod_for_v1_07_0025.zip?dl=0 v6.0 * Mod is now using latest official updates from patch 1.07.0025 * New changes to enemy carrier retreat behaviour * Included NoFilmGrainMod by Disorder (if you prefer the grain effect remove textures/noise.dds to restore it) * Scrambler bridge noise updated so it still works even with NoFilmGrainMod * Fixed scrambler noise alignment on radar (should display properly now on all resolutions) * Enemy carrier units should now always have at least some weapon (base game could deploy unarmed units from carrier if chosen armour/weapons not in stock, eg. deploying unarmed mantas/walruses to attack island or player is silly and no fun) * Enemy carrier can now show mercy when fighting player at islands it doesn't own (makes defending your own islands a bit less risky)