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  1. Hi, I am making a local host practice mission to practice KAT medical. I have an add-ons settings text file with all the KAT settings as well as other add-on setting, how do I load it into the mission? thanks
  2. egg123

    Can't find saved missions

    I figured it out. For some reason I have another folder named Arma 3 - Other Profiles and everything was in there. Thanks for your help.
  3. egg123

    Can't find saved missions

    I re-subscribed and loaded just Ace and CBA, went into the game saved it, exited to main menu but still nothing appears in the steam folder it just shows a folder named meta. There is no Close%20Quarters%20Combat%20Training.Altis. Should there be a3, mpmissions, steam, and z in my steam folder? Am I missing anything or perhaps deleted something? As It was working before with another mission.
  4. egg123

    Can't find saved missions

    Yes that's correct, however, when I go that folder all that it shows is a meta folder inside, no sign of the mission. C:\Users\User\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\steam\meta https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1270702960
  5. Hi, . I watched Gunter's video on how to edit a scenario, but I can't find it in my Steam Workshop scenario's Saved folder under single player missions. All it shows is just meta. Please could someone help, thanks.
  6. Hey guys, I would like to join a unit that will be able to show me the ropes as I am pretty new to the game. Infantry roles appeal to me the most, sniping being my favourite. My time zone is GMT +2(South Africa). Cheers!
  7. egg123

    3DEN editor and ACE3 missing assets

    Thank you very much for the detailed response, it helped me immensely.
  8. When I search for an ammo box in assets, it just shows factions (NATO, FIA, etc) nothing else. I am using ACE3, but I feel like I am missing many parts. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. I just recently bought Arma 3 and have installed ACE3 and CBA_A3. I want to be able to spawn in an ammo box (setup ACE virtual arsenal) and practice sniping, with advanced ballistics and all the required gear. however I seem to be missing many assets. When I try to search for an ammo box in 3DEN, I just get all the factions (NATO, FIA etc) not showing supplies or weapons, weapon attachments etc. In addition, I don't have earplugs or the range card in ACE virtual arsenal. Could someone please help me, much appreciated thanks.