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  1. Because this current bohemia account is connected to an extremely old and unreliable email (as well as not using this account), I really need it to be unlinked from my steam account. I have a new bohemia account that I've properly set up and will be linked to my steam. The only problem is - is that both this account and the other account are saying steam is linked to another bohemia account. As steam seems to be permanently connected, I think I require the help of bohemia administrators. I really need them both to be unlinked. I would also appreciate it if you don't just link me to other forum posts. I've spent two hours, already, going through the forum. All I see is people linking to other, completely useless forums posts.
  2. I've also been having issues with my bohemia account (The one I'm currently on) which I just managed to recover. But I would like it unlinked from my steam account so I may link my steam account to a new, actually used bohemia account, than this one, which is connected to a very old and unreliable email. I don't know how to do this.