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  1. Will there be one?
  2. Scorpio72

    PS4 support

    You don't know how frustrating it is to spend money on a game and not get any kind of feedback or support.
  3. Scorpio72


    When will there be a support tab on this forum started for the PS4/5? Why release the game on the system with ways for you to get money and no support?
  4. Scorpio72

    PS4 support

    All I was saying was how could anyone waste money on this game when they still won't open up a proper ps4 thread and give us some type of feedback.
  5. Scorpio72

    Trophy Glitch on PS4

    It turns out it is the same as safecracker you need to do all the POI in 6 maps back to back but with the crappy way this game is now for ps4 you might never get it. I was 5 of 6 then the stupid game just completely acted as if I pulled the power cord out and I lost all my progress even though I still had the same amount of poi's unlocked. I'm glad I refused to put money into a game that the developers won't even open up a support tab even though they made the game playable on the system.
  6. Scorpio72

    Trophy Glitch on PS4

    The safecracker must be done in one game session. I got it when I did it all in one session without logging off in between games.
  7. Scorpio72

    Trophy Glitch on PS4

    Same I have all 9 maps uncovered but no trophy on ps4.