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    Game Over!

    I have been here from day 1. I am a founder and every update feels like a giant middle finger to us veteran players. I alone have support this game with hundreds of my hard earned money but no more. I busted my butt to max out my shelter and now people can just pay to max it out!? So all that time I spent was for nothing... I no longer have the prestige that says I'm a dedicated outlander. Thanks really appreciate you taking a steaming dump on the years of dedication I have given this game. You have done nothing but give into the crybabies, made the game easier for them. The best anti-camping ever was being able to drop bombs on a house you knew someone was camping in. But crybabies cried and you took it away, but you can still shoot through a wall! How does that make any sense? From season 1, I busted my butt to hit level 50, proved my loyalty to the game every season and what do you do, you extend the seasons for the slackers. I work 50+ hours a week driving truck and I still manage to complete the battle pass every season. What do I get for my troubles, a MASSIVE FYOU! I busted my butt to earn the right to make as many portables and shields as I want and to take in as many as I want. It's not my fault everyone else is to lazy to put in the time it takes to achieve the same! I am done with this game and you as a developer! I will never play anything you put out again. Why should I? My dedication obviously means nothing to you! Vigor had so much potential and you have destroyed it.
  2. krohavoc

    Contact bombs

    I am on Xbox one, Ever since the new season 6 update, contact booms are not working right. I have killed over a dozen OUTLANDERS but not one of them where added to my over all kills. I did not receive XP for the kills nor did I get the hit marks or the kill splat at the time of the kill. Please fix this issue and if you fell like given us something for our troubles, I request a mix of 100,000 consumables.