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    Lock and Unlock bug

    Ahhh, well I guess i'm shit out of luck lol, know of any other games similar to Exile?
  2. trendyknox1

    Lock and Unlock bug

    Yes I tend to play simply, no crazy tactics over here. Not sure how this relates, but Im glad to see people actually use this forum
  3. Hello, this is my first time on this forum and my first time playing exile since I was still in highschool, im enjoying it so far but ive come across a glitch that seems to occur randomly. Every once in a while when I look at a vehicle (when i can see the menu) it will start locking and unlocking over and over again until i look away, but then it happens to every vehicle i own and doesnt stop until i leave the game and come back. Sometimes itll happen but with the keypad will pop up and i have to exit over and over again just to move away. When the keypad glitches theres nothing i can do but leave and come back, its made me lose multiple vehicles and some good loot. I love the game and can get over mission campers but this is starting to get so frustrating i want to quit :( Ive been googling this for days and have only found one person with a similar bug but nobody answered his question as it was a question for a mod and not Arma specifically (https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/ergvec/arma_3_exile_mod_keypad_unlock_bug/) this video shows exactly what im talking about, but instead of just one vehicle its every one i own, and somethimes its only the keypad and others its just the lock and unlock. Somebody please help me, ive tried verifying files but the A3Launcher doesnt do anything when i click verify. HELP MEEEEE