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  1. Hi All, We have recently added the Nimitz mod to our dedicated server. When testing the map locally everything works (catapults, virtual garage and boat launcher). As soon as we transfer the map to our dedicated server, these do not work anymore. Any advice on how to resolve this on the server?
  2. Hi All, can anyone help with a script to lock ammo crates? I have a mission with Alpha and Bravo - each with their own loadout requirements. Want to create a supply crate for each unit, but Bravo should not be able to access Alpha’s crate, and vice versa? Any suggestions?
  3. Maddog9933

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi All, I have a question on the RHS: USAF UH-60. You can setup the pylons to carry a bunch of weapons, but I cannot find a HUD or way of targeting. With the AH 6- you have the IHADSS helmet with the helmet mounted HUD. How do you target using the Blackhawk. Am I missing something simple or do you just have to point your nose in the direction of the target, fire and hope it hits? Thanks,
  4. Maddog9933


    Got it to work. Thanks guys.
  5. Maddog9933


    Works perfectly for the wrecks and dead bodies, but abandoned vehicles are still not removed. Any suggestions?
  6. Maddog9933


    Thanks, will give it a try!
  7. Hi All, Hoping to get some guidance from you seasoned scripting guys. Disclaimer: I am a self taught scripter, so everything I do is by trial and error, reading forums like these and taking guidance from YouTube tutorials. I have created a Live Fire Range to practice Air-to Ground and Air-to-Air engagements. An instructor uses a Laptop to spawn OPFOR targets into the firing range. I have this set up and it works really well. To "clean" the range, I have the following script: {if ((side (effectiveCommander _x) == east) && (!isPlayer effectiveCommander _x)) then {deleteVehicle _x}} forEach vehicles; {if ((side _x == east) && (!isPlayer _x)) then {deleteVehicle _x}} forEach allUnits; Problem is that it only removes remaining or missed units, but that wrecks and abandoned vehicles are left behind. Can anyone please give me guidance on how to improve this script to delete everything that is on the range? Note that it must be limited to the range or to OPFOR, as I have other assets (i.e aircraft, rearming and refueling trucks for BLUFOR) on the map which must not be deleted.