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  1. I play on switch for several days and unfortunately don't see any reasons to spend time and money for this game in such state. 1.Playing with xbox players. It's totally unfair, i always matchmake with xbox players and all gameplay is to loot everything from nearest houses and try to escape. If some xbox player see you , you will be dead. 2. Poor optimization. Because everything in blur and you have bad visibility its hard to see enemy. Also i always have some lags that destroy experience from game. 3. Internet connection. I don't know why , but in this game i always have bad connection and lags. I was traying to use several hotspots but result the same. I dont have such problem with any other games, only with Vigor. 4. White screen. The game very often crash with the white screen, only restart of console helps. I bought armor pack and battle pass, but dont know what to do with it, because play with pleasure is impossible. P.S. Sorry for my english, its not my native lenguege.
  2. Engelhelm

    Nintendo switch experience

    @fOrsythiaa , Thank you for your reply. About internet connection problem. I have only hotspots and was trying to play on near wifi. If it need LAN connection it's strange, because this game for switch, which means that you will play not always at home. My location is Europe. Maybe this problem only for my switch 😞 About white screen. Temperature in my flat is 18 degree,for me it's not so hot.
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    Nintendo switch experience

    Unfortunately for me it's not only display error. 😞 I can run forward for several seconds and after my character teleport back.Or i shoot from shotgun and my character shoot only after few seconds.