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  1. It's a special feature for you, you are too good player, they wanted you nerfed 🙂 Just joking, have no clue, didn't realize this issue, but you killed me three times so far, so hats off 🙂
  2. Castro72

    Wind Turbine

    Fun fact - my first encounter today, I saw your name amongst the outlanders. Good level, 40 🙂
  3. Castro72

    Wind Turbine

    PS I just reached level 13 Shelter on Xbox , I didn't gather the whole lot materials for the Electric generator (didn't see the point), but I have more than enough resources for the Wind turbine. Guess what, it is locked. Stupid game.
  4. Castro72

    Wind Turbine

    Any good alternatives on Xbox? I played a lot Fortnite on Switch, but on Xbox is very different and so much sweatier. Plus this season is so lame. So I am looking for alternatives. Even paid. Maybe I should look for something offline, I am not the best player 🙂
  5. Castro72

    Wind Turbine

    They don't care, mate. I switched from Nintendo to Xbox and looks that both Electric generator and Wind turbine are not available. I have not reached yet Level 13, but I see already the grey for Electric generator is darker than other items. This was identical in Nintendo, resulting in the unavailability of the item. It's either they blocked the items for newcomers or a game bug. I think they just blocked it. Thank you Vigor! For your customer service as well, you are best!
  6. Castro72

    Unable to build wind turbine

    Guys, common any developers online. Why is the wind turbine locked, is it a bug? I paid money to play this game - EUR 20, this is the way you are treating the customers? Why should I pay for anything else then if I am not able to use this game to max? It's enough Nintendo players are disadvantaged compared to Xbox. Please, what is your answer?
  7. Castro72

    Unable to build wind turbine

    I am at level 13 Shelter, so hope I don't get a funny reply.
  8. I started a topic on Nintendo Switch forum. I don't understand why the wind turbine building is locked. All materials available, it's just so annoying. Please feed back.
  9. Castro72

    Cannot build the wind turbine

    Is anyone from the developers of this game replying to any of the questions???
  10. Joined some weeks ago, built my way up to level 13 Shelter level, want to build the wind turbine, but despite having the necessary materials, I am not allowed to do it. Is this a bug? It is very annoying. I paid money for a bugged game? Hmm...
  11. Castro72

    cannot build generator or wind turbine

    I have exactly same issue. Enough materials for the wind turbine, confirmed by the game itself, however I am not able to build it. It's very annoying!