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    Solos vs Duos, Trios and 4-Man teams?

    I really like the idea. You never know what you're going to run into, a single looter just looking for some scraps to escape with, a team of 3 armed to the teeth looking for a fight. it keeps you on your toes, and makes encounters more interesting. I played a lone wolf game recently where i was able to kill a team of 2 using ambush tactics, then I narrowly escaped being hunted by another team of 3, eventually got a third kill on another lone player toward the end of the match and even got an airdrop. It was one of the most exciting games of vigor i've played yet.
  2. yummyduck


    I like the recoil, it's realistic. I think it's meant to be more hardcore, less arcadey than CoD and other such games. Real guns kick hard and have significant recoil. Sustaining automatic fire with a high powered rifle while maintaining perfect balance and accuracy like they do in most shooting games just isn't at all realistic. For a person to shoot like that consistently, while running at full speed, would be some kind of superhuman feat. I do think the game's recoil could be toned down in a few cases, but for the most part i think they did a good job.
  3. yummyduck

    Teaming in solo will ruin this game. period.

    Eh, sometimes i won't kill a player if they're unarmed. Or if I'm full of loot and just want to leave instead of fight, and someone waves at me and doesn't want to fight either, I'll just keep going and not risk losing my loot. I don't travel with others in solo though.
  4. I recently showed Vigor to a co-worker. He is interested in playing it, but he has an XBOX and I have a Nintendo Switch? Will the two of us be able to join an encounter together as partners?