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  1. DrGamer J

    Necessary Improvements

    Listed below are 3 Forum threads. Read them all.
  2. DrGamer J

    More stuff to build

    After completing building and upgrading your shelter the player should be able to build and upgrade a village of NPC/AI outlanders and maybe even get guards. If zombies were added then the guards could protect from them.
  3. DrGamer J

    Gun Reticle Redesign

    Many players are having issues with the reticle being too big. to fix this just simply make the reticle significantly smaller and add a dot in the middle when ads.
  4. DrGamer J

    Vigor Zombies

    Vigor Is A Fun Game. but It Could be better. If you included a Zombies game mode. Or just added Zombies to the base encounters. It would make the game a whole new amazing experience.