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  1. Dear Community.... Hello My name is Mero 🙂 New Here 🙂 I need grief help editing this wepaons.cfg file from OFP resistance PC game - for campaign-playing missions . the game's original cfg is unreadable like this( raP version Weapons items Item0 Unit side GUER idGroup id name Victor Troska weaponSlots “* Weapon0 Bizon Weapon1 RPGLauncher Weapon2 So i took another game folder's CFG - specifically the American cold war 1985 's game one. I load up the mission from resistance campaign and find out the handgun's slot + its magazines slots are gone...... so its like this in the file items=7.000000; class Item0 { class Unit { side="GUER"; idGroup=1.000000; id=1.000000; }; name="Amr Wayne"; weaponSlots=10769.000000; >>> WHAT's IS THE Correct number for this unit to have the Handgun visible + there magazines slots????.... class Weapon0 { name="M16"; }; class Weapon2 { name="Binocular"; }; class Weapon4 { name="CZ75"; }; class Magazine0 { type="M16"; ammo=30.000000; reload=0.115273; id=669.000000; }; class Magazine1 { type="M16"; ammo=30.000000; reload=0.130977; id=670.000000; }; class Magazine2 { type="M16"; ammo=30.000000; reload=0.131332; id=671.000000; }; class Magazine3 { type="M16"; ammo=30.000000; reload=0.122653; id=672.000000; }; class Magazine4 { type="HandGrenade"; ammo=1.000000; reload=1.424001; id=673.000000; }; class Magazine5 { type="HandGrenade"; ammo=1.000000; reload=1.344562; id=674.000000; }; class Magazine6 { type="HandGrenade"; ammo=1.000000; reload=1.381485; id=675.000000; }; class Magazine7 { type="HandGrenade"; ammo=1.000000; reload=1.458408; id=676.000000; }; class Magazine8 { type="SmokeShell"; ammo=1.000000; reload=1.456430; id=677.000000; }; class Magazine9 { type="SmokeShell"; ammo=1.000000; reload=1.325409; id=678.000000; }; class Magazine10 { type="CZ75Mag"; ammo=15.000000; reload=1.325409; id=679.000000; }; }; Thanks 🙂 Hope anyone can figure this out and help cheers mates