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    Discord Ban

    Hello! I just got banned from discord while discussing some features within the #offtopic-arma channel. I said that I actually stole some of official BIS assets. Which actually is not true... The way that I said it was somewhat in a form of provocation, but still in fact, I've not violated any EULA within my Arma experience. To be more precise: I did used some workarounds to allow 3den to generate some "hidden"-class props on map, such as traffic signs. But as I understood, this is totally accepted. I tried to understand if it was possible to make some changes within the authorized sphere such as retexturing, but obviously unsuccessfully due to the "native" array of tools I used... I've NEVER done any changes to binarized files or unauthorized usage of any BIS or modder's content outside of the normal usage and never used someone else's work as my own. I do want to learn more about the functionnality of the game, and having in mind this ban obtained the day after I joined, cuts me from having advices from a this-large community. I do apologize for the misleading, despite the incorrect way I said it. Discord ID: StealthShooter#1981