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  1. On Switch, unfortunately, we just can't go up against xbox players for a fair gunfight (not here to complain about this). What I have found is that playing sneaky is my best method of staying alive. Having said this, I would like to suggest that perhaps instead of adding more guns, perhaps you could include more traps? Bear traps, tripwire, pungi sticks, holes, pressure plate landmines etc. These items would help even the playing field as we (switch players) could defend an area and use it to our advantage. Atm we have the proxy bombs but these are high level and cost a lot to make. Thank you, I hope you consider some elements from my suggestions. Peace, Jay
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply. I really like the game and will stay tuned. My only concern is combat as I find it really difficult to fight back on switch vs console players 😞 I hope some improvements will be made with us switch players in mind 🙂 Thanks again for the reply! Peace.
  3. I think it's ridiculous putting switch players up against xbox. Are there any plans to have an option to turn off cross-play please? It would be much more fun and (fair) to fight against people on the same system with the same limitations as me. I really like the game but it needs this option direly. Peace.