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  1. So, I'm stuck again 😞 Clicking play again in the launcher STILL closes my first instance before starting the second one.
  2. I didn't know that was a setting! Thank you!
  3. Are you referring to a way where multiple instances are running through steam? Because with what I have now, this method won't launch more than one instance. Through steam, it'll shut down the first instance, THEN start the second. I need both at the same time. To explain, the method I was referring to previously for hosting multiple clients is to directly launch the Arma 3 EXE file from its root folder. Which means my first instance (host) would be launched through steam, then my second instance (client) would be launched directly via the .exe. Through that method, I don't know how to launch with addons. Is there a way to get steam to launch multiple Arma instances? Or at the very least get the direct-from-exe instance to load with mods? I feel like I'm missing something.
  4. In the mission i'm making, I ran into issues with server/client script execution and need to test fixes. However, I don't want to bug my friends to be in a call with me for 3 hours while I test and re-host and fix and script and etc. etc. I figured out how to launch multiple Arma 3 clients, that's fine, first client hosts, second connects. The issue arises when I launch my second client via directly opening the .exe, as that second client boots with no addons loaded. My mission is dependent on multiple addons to function correctly and the 2nd client gets automatically kicked when I try to join because it's missing those files. How would I launch a duplicate Arma instance with addons loaded?
  5. I have a mission full of triggers calling BIS_fnc_kbTell, as well as one trigger also spawning carefully timed vehicles. Inside the editor, and on my system alone, it runs fine. But I've sent the mission file to a friend to bug test with him and now all the triggers are activating twice. Each sentence in my kbTell funcs are repeating per player, as well as the vehicle spawning triggers spawning vehicles multiple times, causing explosions. Thing is, I'm not calling scripts where I can put in isDedicated calls, all of this logic is written within the "On Activation" text box. What might be causing this? How do I fix this issue? 😞
  6. Found the solution to my trucks not moving, I had changed the invisible marker's name without realizing. I would still want to know if I could put more people in the trucks, though.
  7. I'm attempting to have a truck drive up, and the crew dismount, then wander around the area for cosmetic effect (HQ tells the players a team was sent to pick something up). I started with a simple script : _crew = createGroup WEST; _truck = [getMarkerPos "truckSpawn", 250, "rhsusf_M977A4_BKIT_usarmy_d", _crew] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _wp1 = _crew addWaypoint[(getMarkerPos "truckStop"), -1]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "SAFE"; Makes a crew, adds it to a truck, spawns the truck, then SUPPOSEDLY gives said crew of truck a waypoint at an invisible marker. Thing is, I only ever got this to work A SINGLE TIME. After this, I tried to make a larger group fit in the truck. I got compile errors, reverted the changes, and now the truck simply doesn't move at all. I guess this is kind of 2 questions : 1. WHY is my truck not moving at all? 2. How could I spawn more than one person in a vehicle at a time? (I know there's a method messing with CfgWeapons or something but that seems a little over the top for a purely cosmetic event)
  8. I'm learning about Conversations to try and cut down on trigger use. Previously my conversations were multiple triggers with say3D going off at the right time, which although horrible, did lead to one benefit : Tasking for example, I could link my triggers halfway through briefings to assign tasks when the conversation gets to the part where they're told what to do, and not right at the start of the conversation. Or at the very least, after the conversation has ended and my players have been told what to do. Is there a way to receive a boolean when a kbTell call finishes? I've tried waitUntil {["event", "mission"] call BIS_fnc_kbTell;}; but this gives waitUntil a script object instead of a boolean, throwing an error. I really want to stay away from syncing trigger timers!
  9. Yeah, that makes sense. So to synchronize my say3D triggers, I'd either have to determine who triggered it, and call say3D on them... Or give a variable name to someone (squad lead, for example) and have that player say the lines. Right?
  10. In my mission I'm using say3D acting on the player walking through a trigger to simulate the player's character actually talking. However, I'm concerned. I'm intending to make this multiplayer, and I'm not sure how wide of a scope "player" has. If someone walks through my say3D trigger, will ALL players play my .wav file? Or just the player who triggered it? Thanks.