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    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    Thanks! another suggestion, could you maybe also put a param somewhere that lets you bypass anything that messes with the arma damage system? (your damage multiplier thing) I had some players complaining that sometimes you could survive a direct lrr hit and so on... I know how glitchy the damage event handlers in arma can be some times, i had to comment out some lines there for the players to stop complaining Vinc
  2. Mr.Magnificent

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    When you change the Weapons Pool via admintool, its gone after server restart. Could you change it so the pool gets saved into the servers missionnamespace and can be loaded again? Maybe even add a parameter to load that pool by default after server startup. I tried to change it myself but i realized that i wont understand your code enough to do that anytime soon. Nice mission btw. Vinc