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    Founders Baseball Cap but in real life.

    Now you have the chance to win a Founder Baseball Cap and some other stuff!!! There is a contest until 2.9. and you can win 1 of 10 sets. You only need to be creative. https://vigorgame.com/anniversary
  2. Just a question. What is the best way to report bugs, I don't want always to open a new topic, but if it's worth for the devs I would do... So Ticket/Support or Forum? Or Reddit or discord I really dunno... Just tell me the best way please. Xanax
  3. HolyXanaX

    Nintendo Switch free-to-play release?

    Just a suggestion.... If you want to start playing this game I would recommend you to buy the founder pack now. You get crows worth of 40 bucks for 20 bucks and they are important to getting started and having fun. There is Crossplay with XboX and they have a big advantage. As a new player it´s sometimes important to buy an insurence for 60 crows (when you are playing duo, only one needs to buy it) or more loot on a map for 30 crows per 50% bonus. If some players in your lobby are paying for 350% loot bonus I would highly recommend to buy inurence, but it still depends on which map and how many/how good equipped the players are. Also if you buy the game now, you can buy a battle pass from the crows too and have more than 1500 crows left and get crows back while leveling your battle pass. As long as crossplay exist, switch players will have a hard time to get into the game.... Think about it and for me it was totally worth. ❤️ Holy
  4. Hello Thank you for answering and let me/us know that you are working on this issue. I know it´s a "small" problem, but it matters 😉 Hope you are working on the other issues too. thx
  5. Hello Now I´m playing this game for some hours... And I only get Lobbys full with XboX player who have a big advantage with the graphics and ingame time..... It´s not balanced. They can see you and the airdrop, when you aren´t able to see it. I only saw 3 teams which used crossplay (so one switch, one xbox). It´s unfair because they have a big advantage. I think you could add a option where only switch players can select to play only with switch players (longer Q) or Crossplay. I spend around 6h in multiplayer solo (some duo) each day and I got 8.5/10 maybe more the Dverg Forest Map..... Could you please change the rotation?! Sometimes the Leader board doesn´t load. It only shows your stats, but nothing else. Infinity loading, even after you try it after a game again. I know there is a topic about the white screen... But I just want to remember you to fix that, bc I think it´s damaging the switch itselfs. Best Regarts Holy Edit: I forgot to say that the motion control is nearly useless. I played with it until 2 days ago, but if I try to aim directly on the player or even more difficult on the head, it often move (even if you didn´t moved your controller) and it´s not a smooth moving it´s always a hard pounce to left or right side. So if in important situations, if you need to correct your aim fast the motion control makes it impossible to react, not better. The probability to aim fast and correct only with the Joysticks is higher than with motion control and that shouldn´t be this way.
  6. Hello When I bought the game the title was there. But then I put it off and now it doesn't appear in the title options. My friends, who should have it too, doesn't have it too. Holy
  7. There is still the white screen problem.... and it makes my new switch crashing and restarting. The only way to get away from the white screen for me is to press the power button and it's crashing and restarting instantly.
  8. HolyXanaX

    Do not download until f2p.

    So I'm a new player and yes, getting into a lobby with some 1500 kills people is pretty hard. I just need the loot for getting ready to start, but it's very hard. I decided to go in solo q without anything, just for looting and only in duo with one cheap weapon. But as said, you are getting crows worth of 40 bucks for 20 plus the outfit. From the crows you have a good start with buying a battle pass and saving your items. So for me it's worth it. The game is easier to play with a pro controller, if you are playing with motion controls because you can focus on screen and don't have to swing it around like crazy. If you aren't playing with motion controls I think there isn't a big difference. In my opinion the motion control is better than nothing, but even if you changed some settings it's always harder to get from right-left (X) than top to bottom (Y). If you only want to buy a pro controller for this game (with or without motions) better buy crows for save your items... but if you are (going to) playing more games, where you have to aim with motion control, then it's totally worth.
  9. HolyXanaX

    How to split Stacks? (Ammo etc)

    Okay found it. With - button I can switch between a stack or one by one. just for others who didn't know it until now....
  10. Hello If I equip new ammo I only get full stacks of the ammo type that I want.... how can I split or choose how many ammo I want to take ingame? thanks Holy