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    Do not download until f2p.

    I agree with the Xbox frustration! Haha, hey, at least we’ll be seriously battle hardened when more switch players join in! As for the pro controller, it def makes a decent improvement, but not the fix all - I also haven't really started into the controller settings much either. I feel like there is just something a bit off on every shooter I’ve played on switch - or maybe it’s just me... I’ve played around 30 encounters now and have 1 kill. I’ve stopped taking guns because it’s just one more thing to lose when I die! I’ve never been top tier at games like this, but I’ve never been bottom rung either! Granted I’m very new, so on top of sucking, I’m facing people with top grade weaponry. That said, it’s difficult to know if I’m that significantly outmatched by Xbox due to hardware differences, or because of low skill and weapon levels? This game definitely needs to be easier starting out. However, I would rather it be a little harder than feel cheap.
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    disable crossplay

    Just made level 9. Have been playing for just a few days now, so take my initial thoughts on the game with a grain of salt. It’s definitely frustrating getting railed 9/10 matches by x-boxers with much more experience. While I appreciate short lobby times, the option to select would be nice. Personally, I would be happy to wait a couple more minutes to have a better chance at loot. Or perhaps as the player base expands, add player tiers to keep matchmaking to similar skill levels. Love the game but it’s hard times for switch noobs at the moment! A little more loot in non centralized places would help as well. Not so much it makes it easy, but I typically hit 2-3 buildings and may find 3 pieces of glass. I know there is more loot in better areas, but I simply can’t begin to compete for those spots at the moment. again, my initial 2 pennies.