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    A few suggestions!

    Hi there! I've been playing this game for a couple of weeks and I bring here a few suggestions that I think they would improve this game! 1. Add more things to do in the refuge (fishing, building structures...). I think it would be awesome to have a "manageable" refuge. 2. I would love to have a individual map that you have to go through it and collect materials, killing animals, etc. Like a PvE modality! 3. Well-balanced loot across the map. Sometimes you go across aaaaaaall the map and you only return to the refuge with some wire and fertilizer... 4. Like I said in a previous post, for all the new Switch players it would be great not to lose the weapons we take from the refugee. Sometimes, it's very difficult to kill the Xbox players. Of course, I must say that this game is incredible! I know you will keep improving this game 🙂 See you outlanders! 😉
  2. Hi there, We cannot play if every time we die we lose the weapons we take. I do not have good weapons and dying every single time it's exhausting (also, it's expensive to buy the insurance in each game). So please, can you just reconsider that? I think it's fine to lose the loot, but not the weapons...