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  1. Contact happens in 2039 I know contact is a spinoff campaign but do CSAT's negotiations on membership count as canon? in an old discussion for CSAT country's a BI member said the answer to Russia being part of CSAT would be answered in 2039 (being contact). So would the negotiations be canon but the events of contact not? Just a curious gamer - D
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    Hi I've been playing arma 3 for awhile and I've never had an issue like this. I'm not entirely sure if this is an arma problem or steam. No matter what I do whenever I join a MP server I get no message received and it isn't my internet as everything else run's fine. I've tried verifying game files, closing steam completely and even uninstalling steam and arma but the issue still continues. If anyone thinks they might know a fix it would be great! thanks - Dil