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  1. This may be a newbie question but I want to use exile mod in a mission i"m making to have base building, how to I add it in the editor so i can build bases in my own missions? Thanks
  2. Camp Tempest - Sector Control This is an open ended mission, so it doesnt end unless you END IT in the abort menu. CSAT hostile forces are advancing onto camp tempest, defend the camp at all costs. NOTE: This is a sector control mission where the AI will spawn according to the module and doesn't always go exactly as planned. Features: Endless AI Spawning Arsenal Fixed positions Any feedback on this mission is appreciated. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2697353233
  3. How do you delete a players dead body and your friendly AI dead body when they have died in multiplayer. Because Im creating a co-op mission in multiplayer where you and a buddy defend a position and the problem is everytime you each die your bodies stays there. I tried looking online and can't find the thing i want. Thanks.
  4. ziptlytical

    How to delete player dead body

    Great thanks it works! Cheers
  5. hey all just curious where would be the appropriate post to put our wants for Arma4 for the developers to see? thanks
  6. How do i stop the entire area environmental aspects burning? it's really annoying trying to play the game and half your area is inflamed.
  7. ziptlytical

    Zombies missions you want?

    Hey guys, i'm looking to get into the zombie genre of arma3. I'm in mind for making a lot of zombie mission, right now i'm making base defense missions. I'm in for some new ideas from you guys on what zombie missions you would like to see that would offer a lot of replayability, fun and dynamics within the aram3 engine. Give me all your ideas thanks.
  8. A simple 2-man coop zombie defense mission. There are 2 spawn points of zombies each have 10,000 zombies total of 20,000 with a support mortar unit of 100 support missions plus an arsenal. DOWNLOAD (Steam) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2380718032
  9. ziptlytical

    Hold Port [Zeus CooP]

    Hi guys this is a defend mission with 2 players and it has revive and zeus you both can use to bring in more enemy waves as you want or anything else you want to add. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2378264475 Enjoy
  10. thanks for the help , i don't plan on doing this mission for awhile, i have other missions in mind i want to do first, look out for my of my missions. I plan to upload least 10+ or more as i can.
  11. I'm trying to make a mission at night where the player has the option to get in an enemy cargo truck in the back and enter their base via truck undetected. Because originally the player can't enter an enemy truck How can i make this with as little scripting as possible?
  12. Very nice i can work with this idea. This is how i did it; 1) Created an "empty truck" and moved enemy AI into driver and front seats of truck so the player has to go in back. (soldier1 moveindriver truck1, soldier2 moveincargo truck1) 2) Created a trigger around the truck - player "addAction ["Hide in truck", "getintruck.sqf"]" 3) Created script getintruck.sqf player moveincargo truck1; player setcaptive true; 4) Then once the player uses the addaction "getout" of truck, anytime he decides to get out, the setcaptive will be false. or gets out of truck at anypoint That's done the trick for me. Very easy way to do it.
  13. thanks , i'll give this a try and post my results if it works
  14. ya something like this may work & ya that's the sad part "My ideas are usually above the means of the editor" hehe
  15. what about making the player captive and assigning him to that enemy vehicle then making him not captive after he reaches destination? There has to be a mission where this has been done before i just don't know the name of it.
  16. "An FIA officer is leaving the FIA camp, eliminate him before he leaves. You're a spec ops (solo) https://ibb.co/bXhR41m Playtime: 5mins A small fun mission i made, i made this before but ended up deleting it and made it a little better. Of course as any mission always room for improvement. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2369166192 Thanks for playing leave me a review on what you thought.
  17. A simple mission from steal the car idea made my own small version of it. This my 1st mission i made officially for arma3. I plan on making more single player missions. Also my missions will probably only last about 5-25mins estimated because i don't have a lot of time to make them. Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2365621084 Random spawn points for the car. Let me know what you guys think, was it too easy should i make it more difficult anything to spice it up? thanks
  18. ziptlytical

    OFP Sound Files

    Hi i was wondering if anyone would happen to have all of the voice & radio sound files for operation flashpoint from all the campaign missions and single player mission? has anyone decoded them all so we can download them . i tried searching on google but no luck. thanks
  19. ziptlytical

    Arma3 Scuba Showcase [solved]

    thanks much i got it,
  20. Hi does anyone have the pbo file for the scuba mission in the showcase i want to use what its in for one of my missions. thanks.
  21. ziptlytical

    Claymores how to arm them

    thanks, no go, i moved on from this.
  22. I have placed a claymore down in the editor via empty props, how do i arm them in the init field so they are active at start of mission.
  23. ziptlytical

    Can't get AI to fire mortar

    not sure if this will help but i used to get my AI to fire bob2 doArtilleryFire [getmarkerpos"marker2", "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells", 10];
  24. ziptlytical

    Claymores how to arm them

    ya i saw there was an addon for claymores but trying to stay clear from addons. Very nice works good. But is there anyway to make them detonate when the player shoots them with bullets? Cuz with this the player has no choice but to walk into them.
  25. ziptlytical

    Claymores how to arm them

    I mean i want them to be an enemy to the player want them to blow up if player walks into them.