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  1. Yeah I got mine back when I was playing Elite Dangerous back in 2016. It's configured through windows and I have the software for it installed and drivers. I had an issue with the throttle at first cause I set the wrong control option for it. I looked through the list and saw the analog throttle option so I fixed that as well. So far I have flown the SU-25, A-10, Mig 29, the A-164 and had no issues. I have seen some of the WW2 mods for the game but haven't played around with them yet. Yeah, I wanted to fly the planes really bad. I just can't do it with the mouse and keyboard. So far War Thunder seems to be the only game that makes it feel playable and I haven't played that game in years now. I will keep that mind in case I run into any issues with key bindings and aircraft functions. Yeah there is a lot of keys and key combinations for this game. It's a little overwhelming at times. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. I am using the Logitech Extreme 3D pro. The issue I am having is that it doesn't work with the planes in the game, at least not completely. It will control some parts of the plane but not other parts. It works fine with helicopters though. I have some mods with some planes and I can fly the Mi--24 fine but not the SU-25. I can make the rudder go left and right by twisting the stick and I can fire the guns by pressing the grey thumb button on the side and that's about it. Anyone else have these issues and if so is there a way to fix them?
  3. I did that. Since the helicopters controls were set automatically I figured there was something wrong so I never even thought about assigning the controls manually. But I did and it works fine. So thanks for getting me to look deeper into the control options.
  4. This is my controller/joystick. This is what my plane control settings say. My joystick is only listed for rudder control. I looked in the helicopter settings and my stick is listed as it should be there for proper control. For some reason the plane part of the game isn't picking up my stick completely.
  5. Yeah, I kind of figured that out. I went to the singleplayer Showcases and tried flying the A-164 and the stick didn't work there either. Just like with the SU-25 all I could do was move the rudder and fire the gun. So it's not an issue with the mods or the scenario I made. Everything else works fine with the other vehicles. I think it's some sort of bug. It has to be because it works fine with everything else. There was a recent update to ARAM 3 through Steam. Maybe that broke something? I even connected my Xbox One controller to my PC and it didn't work like I thought it would. I know how my joystick should work though. I tried flying with the keyboard and mouse. It works but it's horrible.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Also thanks for sharing your collection of missions with me. I will looks around and try some of them out.
  7. Are there any good user created missions that use the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as a setting? I am looking for solo/singe player missions that I can play without the need of other people.