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  1. SudzMaballzz

    Do not download until f2p.

    There is a delay setting in advance. Not sure why its there but there's a setting that delays your button pressing. Its only by a split of a second or so, but turning it down even more can make the difference. No control or joy con on the Switch seems to have the feel that a playsation or xbox has. The fluidity isn't there and the hardware upgrade they have makes it 100x easier to be spotted. I've managed to get myself a couple of kills. Possibly over 50 in the 2 weeks I played, but it was hard. You can get guns pretty easily and 3 burst AR is an instant kill if you can get the aim. For now, im giving it a break, even with the extended season pass. I won't be able to fill it as most xp comes from grabbing the air drop and that gets camped by snipers. Shame the F2P side isn't related till the end of the year as I don't feel like playing it till I can either get a full lobby of Switch or be able to turn cross play off.
  2. SudzMaballzz

    What's your game play style?

    I've decided to go for the stealth gathering approach and concentrate of my house as gun fights are near impossible unless I have the upper hand. Not even bothering with loot drops, although, thats where the xp is for the season pass. Pure waste of money with XBOX players about.
  3. SudzMaballzz

    Do not download until f2p.

    Well, I've testing the pro controller. Does it feel any different? Not really. Although, it does feel nicer in the hands and the analogues do feel less loose and smoother, the game suffers from frame rate issues so the aiming jumps. Hopefully the fps will be patched.
  4. SudzMaballzz

    Do not download until f2p.

    It should hopefully be arriving tomorrow. Was hoping for today, but no joy. I will let you know if its worth it. Using a legend of zelda pad for £20 but it feels cheap and delayed. Looks nice though lol!
  5. SudzMaballzz

    Do not download until f2p.

    Yeah, I mean no disrespect to the Devs. The game alone is great. A nicer, friendly version of Escape from Tarkov, but going up against XBOX is way to such of a disadvantage. I just spent £60 ordering the Nintendo Pro Controller just to try and get a better advantage to this game before it's free as the joy cons are horrendous for shooting games. Hopefully we will see a lot more Switch players on the f2p.
  6. SudzMaballzz

    Vigor for PC?

    So could a playstation port be in the making? I already bought the founder's pack for the Switch and would be all over it again if it was released on PS4. If there's time before next gen.
  7. SudzMaballzz

    Do not download until f2p.

    EDIT. The below is no disrespect to the Devs. The game is great and enjoyable. If you wish to purchase the founders pack for the cosmetics and crowns (ingame money) then do so, but right now due to no fault other than the amount of Switch players being low, the game is a lot harder as you are forced to play with a higher majority of XBOX players. Sadly, as much as I want to enjoy this game it is ruined with the cross platform. Yes, they are looking into it, but as the Switch numbers are quite low during the paid release its constantly putting us against full xbox lobby's. Its a massive disadvantage and its saddening. There's also some frame rate issues at certain points in the game. I feel the game runs smoother as handheld which is weird, but playing on a small screen again is a disadvantage.
  8. SudzMaballzz

    Vigor is out now for the Nintendo Switch! 🍅

    Maybe bring forward the free to play with the option to upgrade to the founders pack? My love for this game is quickly dying due to the massive disadvantage. Its impossible to progress in the game now.
  9. SudzMaballzz


    They say due to this game not having many players in its paid for session they are leaving it as it is as queue times would be too long. Just make it free already with the founder's upgrade optional for a month or so. The game is great but the enjoyment is quickly sucked away with going up against full xbox players.
  10. SudzMaballzz


    The motion controls are disgusting on the Switch anyway. My Jon cons are naffed, my character either walks on his own or looks to either the sky or ground, so I use a pad which is still pretty unresponsive. I'm just waiting to be able to turn cross platform off. Its 8 xbox to 4 Switch at the minute. Major disadvantage.
  11. SudzMaballzz

    Vigor is out now for the Nintendo Switch! 🍅

    But then will you look to see if it can be an option? The Switch isn't the best of consoles. Although it will be a slight advantage to having an xbox buddy in your group, the Switch is under powered and not smooth when it comes to aiming. Cross-Platform, as incredible as it is, I wouldn't play any game on a Switch against any other console or PC.
  12. SudzMaballzz

    Vigor is out now for the Nintendo Switch! 🍅

    Please allow for cross platform to be turned off. I dont want to play against someone who's console specs are 100x better than the Switch. It runs pretty choppy on the Switch as it is and the analogues are not made for shooting games.
  13. SudzMaballzz

    Switch Player. Cross Platform.

    So, I hadn't actually heard of this game till I saw it on the market on the Switch. I don't have an XBOX ONE, skipped that generation of XBOX's, but the fact this game is allowing cross platform without an option to turn it off is a little stupid. Every controller on the Switch is not designed for online shooter games, the analogues are shite! The FPS is rather low at times, so the combination of those is one minute I see a guy the next I'm shooting at the sky and dead. There really is no need to go into the spec ratio of how each game looks and run. Just let us Switch players be shitting together. Or... release it on PS4 so I can play it or even the PC. Thank you please.