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  1. Oh no! That's really too bad. I was really looking forward to "switch"ing back and forth. Thanks for the reply though, at least I know I'm not doing it wrong. Hope that changes! Cheers
  2. Hi, I've been playing Vigor on Xbox One for a few months now and I love it! I've spent quite a bit of time and real life money on it, and I was wondering how/whether you can cross-save your account across the platforms? I just bought the Nintendo Switch version (founders pack) for $20, and I was hoping at some point the game would ask me if I had an account to merge, but instead it asked me if I wanted to do the tutorial and then threw me to my shelter with a new character. I tried finding a way to merge the accounts on the Vigor page (which login brought me to Bohemia Interactive's page) and have had no success. There's only options to merge Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts?? There's way to merge Xbox/Microsoft and Nintendo accounts or characters unfortunately. If the games are cross-play, I don't see why they can't be cross-save. I'm definitely not starting from scratch on a new character... The idea was to play on Xbox one but use my Switch when traveling or in bed, and I figure there will be a lot of us with the same thing in mind. Is it because it's still a beta, is there a planned cross-save release, am I missing the way you are supposed to do it, or will it never be implemented? Thank you.