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    T 55 Gunner's Bug

    Aquí están las imágenes del error. https://imgur.com/sWhUyrn https://imgur.com/SOlyDKf
  2. Hello, the same thing happens to me, but I downloaded the ArmA 2 Aniversary, with BAF, OA and PMC included, after patching it until the last version, it doesn't save me either, if anyone knows, please tell me!
  3. I explain: This did not happen to me before, but now it is, it is something strange and I am blaming the expansions * Take out the ones that seemed to me that ruined the game * but it remains the same .. When I put a T55 in the editor, that's fine, the problem is when I put the preview, where the problem is in the gunner of the T55, the character appears outside the cabin, that is, the animation of leaving the cabin, and I tried everything .. but it's still the same, so I don't know what to do, so I ask for help .. Here are images, this happens with the 3 factions that the T55 has, CDF * expansion PCDF * Takistani Local and Takistani army, I speak Spanish, but put in English, google translates me, Hopefully they help me :c POSTATA: Images are not attached, it does not leave me, but what I explain must be understood * I will try to publish the images in this publication