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    BO 150 Problem

    The new update is terrific. Especially the BO105 is a dream. Hopefully there will also be a campaign. I can make something myself, but of course it is very complex and you know what happens and where 😉 But I have a problem with the BO: 1. I can bring her as a pilot in the perfect auto-hover flight 2. Then, I switch to "Schütze" 3. If I use "Steuerung freigeben" (to control the weapon view) the BO starts to sink 4. additionaly, sometimes I cannot switch back to "Pilotensitz" ... the menu item is missing
  2. anfi71@hotmail.com

    BO 150 Problem

    Yes, I have to target quickly ... after fire the rocket, the line will held. ok so far. Thx, KokaKolaA3.
  3. anfi71@hotmail.com

    BO 150 Problem

    @ KokaKolaA3: thank you. yes, that works (LMB) But ... it's not the same as attack itself ... 😉
  4. anfi71@hotmail.com

    BO 150 Problem

    I did exactly that up to 4) ... but: the AI cannot keep the altitude ... the helicopter sinks therefore, I activate autopilot and the heli keep position and altidude. That works on "pilot" and "gunner" seat ... Interesting: with the analog joystick throttle I can still adjust increase/decrease/hover precisely. then, if I activate "Steuerung freigeben" (on the gunner seat) the heli sinks ... (the autopilot can not keep the altitude, and there is no reaction for analoge input anymore): thats the problem ...
  5. anfi71@hotmail.com

    BO 150 Problem

    o.k. ... and how can I fire a missile ?
  6. anfi71@hotmail.com

    BO 150 Problem

    There is a "Pilot" and a "Schütze". I can switch between them. What do you mean with crew of two ?