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  1. Hi I'd like to ask a few questions. Global operations dlc. 1.) How do you disable a free shooting for tank platoon ? I can't find the button to disable free fire for other tanks. 2.)How do you set how many meters the cannon's range should be ? The T button measures the distance ? What button should I use to set the distance if the meter showed 1000 meters ?
  2. awdsawds

    free load from save.

    You're right. It's hidden until you use load. After you turn on the mission. It's not in the main menu. Thanks for the save information.
  3. awdsawds

    free load from save.

    I have enabled multiple saves. However, I don't see a menu for selecting saved positions anywhere. In the main menu of the game.
  4. awdsawds

    free load from save.

    Hi My point is that I save the game several times and several saved positions are created. But if I want to go back to one of the 4 saved positions....It only offers the last autosave or restart the mission. I have saved the game 4 times and I want to choose 2 saves and not the last one. (I'm talking about singleplayer.)
  5. Hello. A visible record of the saved position? What mod will allow me to have a visible selection of the saved position ? The point is that I don't want to go back to one saved position, but to have a free choice of saved positions.
  6. RSi Tutorial 3: Using ACE3 Grenades Fo example here on you tube.
  7. Arma 3 How to take an object from a backpack into your hand ? Like a grenade? How do you turn on an object from your backpack in your hand visibly ? How you make you transfer objects in your hand ? So I can see them in my hand?
  8. awdsawds

    Setting the bandage to "action 1

    Health regeneration like in Battlefield great mod. Close this post. It's settled.
  9. awdsawds

    Setting the bandage to "action 1

    The medic doesn't work at all in the game and never comes. In that case what mod will allow a full cure with any medkit ?
  10. I'm trying to assign a key to apply the bandage. Like in Red Orchestra 2. How can I do that ? The game doesn't even seem to include a key to use the first aid kit. Of course I have a "space" button for jumping across objects. What button opens the menu for selecting the bandage ? If I open the menu and right click on the bandage it does nothing. It doesn't heal itself.What button when opening the menu turns on the use of the bandage when the right mouse button does not ?
  11. awdsawds

    S.O.G. Prairie

    Really? Is that interesting! What about the famous air battles in Mig Alley? They fought the Migs quite often. So the game should include some sort of air battle. Otherwise only an idiot creates useless planes when there are no missions for them.
  12. awdsawds

    S.O.G. Prairie

    ohhh. Thx for your info.It's an eternal shame. Just laziness of the authors.
  13. awdsawds

    S.O.G. Prairie

    S.O.G. Prairie Does it include air battles in singleplayer ?
  14. That's a relief. I can finally play Vietnam. I found it once, years ago. Since then I could no longer find it and therefore could not delete it. I'll put it on a different key, of course. But mostly I deleted it. This hidden key gave me a hard time. If it wasn't for Harzach, I never would have found out. Gentlemans, thank you very much.🤧