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  1. motagrapamain


    it says i still have to play 1 more encounter when i have played over 200 anyone know how to fix this? thanks.
  2. motagrapamain


    i disagree with getting older cosmetics from olders battle passes since why would someone buy a battle pass worth 15$ just to be able to get it a couple months later for free or at a discounted price, all the other suggestions seem like very good ideas
  3. motagrapamain

    Additions for Elimination Mode

    they said something about being able to team up in the future in the changlog im pretty sure
  4. motagrapamain

    ideas for new weapons

    I just thought of this a while ago and have no idea if this has already been said Encounter exclusive weapons for maps could be a great addition like a high powered sniper on fjellkentan, a explosive round pistol for battery draug/ snodek, a incendiary shell shotgun for dverg and viktorsen, a harpoon gun for fiske. I couldnt think of anything for grotheim valley or bridges. All these weapons and ammo would only be available in encounters and would be only 1 gun per encounter and a random amount of ammo
  5. i load in and after the time counts down i get gunned down by teamates its stupid that team killing is even enabled in this mode