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  1. Raymond John Clarke

    [DiscordBot] BEC RCon Discord bot (Python)

    Vielen Dank!!! Seems to be working perfectly now! So glad you exist in this world hehe 🙂
  2. Raymond John Clarke

    [DiscordBot] BEC RCon Discord bot (Python)

    Thanks so much! I will test that rcon reconnect. The new configs only outputs: connected No player name hehe. IP is gone though 🙂
  3. Raymond John Clarke

    [DiscordBot] BEC RCon Discord bot (Python)

    Just as side note here.. I actually use this for Dayz. So my BEC will output this when a player connects for example: (2020-06-15 | 14:02:40) : Player #3 PlayerName (79.512.1.151:2000) connected I only want it to show: Player #3 PlayerName connected
  4. Raymond John Clarke

    [DiscordBot] BEC RCon Discord bot (Python)

    @Yoshi_E I have 2 things that you can maybe assist me with 🙂 One problem I have is that when the server restarts, cmd says: "Reconnecting to BEC Rcon" It never connects BEC automatically so the Bot no longer works until i restart the Bot again. Any way to set it to try connecting every few seconds perhaps? 2nd thing, the player join and leave msg works great, but some players asked that I rather remove it as it shows the players public IP address. They are worried about ddos attacks and hacks. Can I set it to only show the name and not the IP as well? Thanks for all the replies!
  5. Raymond John Clarke

    [DiscordBot] BEC RCon Discord bot (Python)

    Wow wow wow!! I am super impressed!! It works perfectly and dummy proof as well now hehe. 🙂 Thank you so very very much! I wish i was clever enough to do this myself, but hey, I'm glad there are people like you!
  6. Raymond John Clarke

    [DiscordBot] BEC RCon Discord bot (Python)

    Thanks! So if i understand this correctly ( keeping in mind i am not a coder / developer at all ) channel = self.bot.get_channel(0123456789) await channel.send("Player {} connected".format("Max")) This means that only if a player named "Max" connects to the server it will output this to the given channel? I actually want it to output any connect and disconnects from any players to the given channel. Also, could you please guide me on exactly where i need to add this part in the module.py?
  7. Raymond John Clarke

    [DiscordBot] BEC RCon Discord bot (Python)

    Hi! I setup the https://github.com/Yoshi-E/ArmaRconDiscordBot and it works really nice when typing commands! Thanks! I would like to know however, can i use the https://github.com/Yoshi-E/ArmaRconDiscordBot to send Discord notifications when a player connects and disconnects to the server? I would like to output that to a specific Discord channel for players to see. Do I need https://github.com/Yoshi-E/Python-BEC-RCon to do this?