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  1. Good day, I'm working on my first Zeus mission. It's part of an existing campaign, and I'm offered to start helping to build mission files. I never attempted this before, but quite excited to continue helping on our campaign in future. The basics are fine, but scripting I need to learn (I have a background is software programming that helps a bit). I have a mission today, but only now found this post! Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 squads will get drugged and be hallucinating. I have two squads of VR entities and would like to hide them from the Bravo 1 squad (not drugged - doing over watch). Do I use the hideObject command on the player/squad or on the VR Object/squad? Please assist with the syntax. I assume it goes into the init field. Grouped variable names are set to: alpha_1 ; alpha_2 ; vr_1 ; vr_2 ; bravo_1 Ideally these will be normal rifle men with very low skills. My current solution is to use VR and tell Bravo 1 to ignore any VR entities they see and not report on them (but breaks the immersion a bit...), only report on normal men.