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  1. CryptEarth

    attach object to vehicle

    After some more playing in the editor and looking at the configs I figured that Offroad (covered) and Offroad (comms) can load cargo - and they also can be loaded onto a HEMTT Flatbed although the config page says otherwise. Unfortunately they can only hold very small containers like the Supply Box and Uniform Box or the various Basic Ammo/Weapons/Explosives and even the long Launcher and Special Weapons - basically all that one can find with "ammo" in the props. And - at least most important to me: They also can fit the Metal and Plastic Barrels - and even the big Water Barrel - NICE! So - the base function is already in the game - I'll request some additions to that in my ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T180317.
  2. CryptEarth

    attach object to vehicle

    So I dug a bit deeper and the info here gave me some clue: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1199318917/3183345000081944292/#:~:text=For%20vehicles%20with,this%20to%20work. The point is that a vehicle which has infantry spots, like the offroader or the small truck, can not load cargo in these (whic the BoxLoader scripts somehow override). A special case seems the van which can be configured to "add passenger spots" in the editor: when set one can add several infantry but no cargo into the bag of the van - when unset cargo can be added but only a few passenger seats (the one at the side door and the two at the rear door). As I wasn't able to figure out how to play around with that via script (as I wasn't able to extract the differences in config) I guess a good option would be to file a ticket on the feedback track for the offroader and the small truck get the same ability added.
  3. CryptEarth

    attach object to vehicle

    As far as I played around it seems an issue with the small Truck and the Offroader as I was able to load many different containers from the small Ammo Box all the way up to the Taru Containers. But I wasn't able to load even the small Ammo Box onto the small Truck - although it can fit 4 people on the back. There seems an override possible with the config. I also found a mod on the workshop - basicaly a loading framework - its description warns about issues with nested loading like a Quad in a Van on a Flatbed. I guess it could be that small Truck and Offroader not got the ability to load small containers to prevent issues when they get loaded on a Flatbed - or maybe they were just missed/forgotten. Guess I'll file a report on the bug tracker to have devs look into it.
  4. CryptEarth

    attach object to vehicle

    Well, although it's over 3 years I haven't touched this I just played around in the editor today. As some recent update added the function to manage Vehicle-in-Vehicle cargo within the editor I found the function group to manage Vehicle-in-Vehicle cargo - which fits my idea exactly. For testing I used a HEMTT flatbed and a Huron container, added the following code at was able to get my result. this addAction ["load",{transporter setVehicleCargo transportee},nil,1.5,true,true,"","(isVehicleCargo transportee) isEqualTo objNull"]; I named the HEMTT "transporter" and the container "transportee" and added a condition so the option only shows up when the container is not already on a truck. Unfortunately I was only able to get it work with a HEMTT and not with an Offroader or the small Truck - but I guess there's some trick around it. At least I finally found a starting point to get it done properly from within the engine instead of fiddle around myself with attachTo.
  5. CryptEarth

    ArmA 3 Linux Proton, TS Crash TFAR

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! THAT really saved my day! this issue should be reported to the TS dev team to not enable that crap - or don't even ship it with the default install ... I mean - WHO the F controlls TS via a gamepad? @mods please make this sticky at some point!
  6. So, back in A3 we had the extension api to communicate between in-game SQF and external native code. With a bit of work or existing extensions like extDB it was possible to export data, store it persistently and load them back in after a session restart. That made DayZ and AltisLife possible. Now with the new enfusion engine comes the new C# based enforce script language. Unfortunate I wasn't able to find any informations about any way to persistently store data or connect to some external native code. Is there anything available in a similar way? On github there's a reforger life mission which uses either in-memory storage or accessing a json-file. Although a file-based storage is fine for developement it ain't enough for big sessions with dozens of players. Is there some native database connectivity planed? Or at least some way to access native code like the extension api in A3? Without such way it seems hard to impossible to continue the success of ArmaLife role play.
  7. Do we all love role playing and other stuff that require the server to somehow save data in a persistent way. For A3 extDB3 is pretty much the way to go unless you want to write your own extension (which I did) - but what about reforger and A4? ArmaLife sure will be something to live on - heck, DayZ evolved from it and altis life is still going strong in some countries. There sure will be "demand" for role play modes in the next titles. Unfortunate the Biki doesn't give much yet for external modding for reforger - and it's still a long way till A4. In the stream it was pointed out enfusion is built with player created content in mind - but user created content includes more what the game itself gives us - and as previous games got us the extension api (although limited - it's enough for a database connector) it would be hard to miss this feature in the next game. Another cool option could be if enfusion would come with a database connector already built in like for MySQL/MariaDB and SQLite3. Or providing a more general interface like JDBC in Java wich is a standardized interface which can be implemented specfic to the used backend. Would love to get some official replies about this topic.
  8. So, I already searched for that topic - but all I was able to find is already a couple of years old - so I guess it's valid to re-ask this question, although the answer maybe is still the same: Are underwater bases possible? Like in terms of building some structure in the water but have the inside drained / non flooded? A reply to some couple year old reddit posts suggested some sort of "portal" / teleport which in fact teleports the player to some structure above water. Is there still no option to get such done? Maybe "cheat" the system and build some structure "below the map"? How about the new engine currently in use by DayZ? As ArmA3 already was desgined with user created content in mind - so is the new engine. Any of the devs came up with some advanced map editor to make such ideas reality? Thanks for any input in advance.
  9. So, as I'm currently into developing my own RPG mission along with my own extension, I noticed that the dedicated server just "crashes", even when executing the #shutdown command as logged in admin. For that reason, my extensions shutdown method doesn't get called. I also tried to use SQF to call some final command before mission end - but no matter how I try to shutdown the server its implementation is so bad it just abruptly crashes instead of some proper shutdown. Is it really just a bad implementation of "shutting down" the server or am I doing something wrong? Before someone asks: the server is running on linux and I use the 64bit version. So, anything related to windows doesn't fit here - please keep that in mind in your reply.
  10. // update I opened a feedback tracker ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T180317 // original So, maybe this is already asked a lot - so, please feel free to point me to topics already have solutions ... I'm currently design my first mission. It should be a simple one contain a series of tasks. One thing that should be done is to load a barrel (Land_MetalBarrel_F) to a vehicles back like an offroad (C_Offroad_01_F) or truck (C_Van_01_transport_F). The rough background story: - steal a truck or offroad - something with an open flatbed - steal an empty barrel from some storage and load it onto the truck - drive the vehicle with the empty barrel to some spot - do something there (current plot goes towards "filling the barrel with some raw fluid") - drive it somewhere else to "process it" (kinda like AltisLife: process crude oil into refined gasoline) - drive the "processed" stuff to some drop off - get rid of the vehicle I want to keep it simple - so, there doesn't has to be some fancy animation like a player "picking up" the barrel and physically load it onto the flatbed - but a simple script checking if the player is pointing at the barrel and if a suitable vehicle is parked near - and then "loading the barrel onto the flatbed" - and fix it at some position relative to the vehicle. From some scripts I looked at there seems something like "attaching" the barrel to the vehicle with some relativ coordinates. Why not use one of the fuel trucks in the first place? It's about the overall story: "do the first job with a stolen barrel on a stole offroad/truck" - then to progress you do the next turn with a fuel truck or a zamak fuel - and maybe after a third with a tempest fuel you end up doing a run with the very large hemtt fuel - like getting bigger at your business starting all with just an offroad and an old barrel. Maybe someone can give me some advice how to achieve this? Thanks in advanace =D
  11. So, as I'm currently developing my own RPG mission (basically a clean re-implementation) I'm at the point to learn how to deal with dialogs. The first thing that really annoys me: One can't use existing A3\ui_f\config.bin - WHY? All the base classes are already defined in there but one can't use them cause it's loaded after the mission init is already done - failed by design. Just trying to include it fails for some reason and causes some weird bugs - guess that's cause one can't include already binarized files but only source ones (which can be generated by A3 tools). Next: When using the gui editors base class export it's full of errors. I wanted to use a cancle button - but discovered that RscButtonMenuCancel is not a subclass from RscButtonMenu - which itself is not a subclass of RscButton. It only works after I patched this errors by hand. So, if one wants to use dialogs this is what one has to do: extract ui_f.pbo and un-binarize config.bin back into back.cpp (ok, A3 tools can do this) - copy config.cpp and include it in your own mission. WHAT THE ACTUAL F of a crap of flawed design? Why one just can't write "MyText: RscText" and the game picks it up from UI_F anyway? Rather it results in an error that RscText is an unknown baseclass ... cause it's getting loaded AFTER this line in the mission is processed. The SQF language itself is really crap ... and now such flaw which is the exact opposite of about any other language support class inheritance and GUIs. What ever the crack heads smoked - take less - and give me some of it ... Jeez - no is one supposed to create performant complex missions when everything is backwards? Before you start to suggest me that dialog builder - as it relies on JavaFX8 (which is no longer available) and is not compatible with modern versions like 11 or 14 I wasn't able to get it running - maybe I should set up some old XP vm and try to dig up some old jdk8 ... Anyone any other suggestions? I started to get around the gui editor - although it suxx one has to create new objects and drag them over existing ones instead of any modifier like "yea, mouse is over existing object - but I want to create a new one on top anyway" ... It also not really supports normal controls and backgrounds - and lot of stuff that's explained in the wiki is missing - so it just helps with the overall layout - but all the other stuff one still has to code by hand in the config files.
  12. do you mind to tell us how?
  13. CryptEarth

    So, I gave it a try ...

    Well, after some google'ing around I did found a away to import some real-world data into terrain builder without using l3dt: There's this site called opentopography - which allows to export map data as "arc ascii grid" - which terrain builder is able to import as terrain. The issue is that terrain builder seem to have problems importing a map with a 23MB data file for the area of 10.5 E to 13.5 E and 51.3 N to 53 N - an area of about 40km2. So, the question still stands: How was BI able to develop A3 in 2012/2013 with even crappier versions of these tools when I'm today not able to import a file that's just about 1/5th of Altis? After spending several weeks to try to get into modding I'm about to ditch it ... nothin works (terrain builder keeps "hanging" and crashing for no reason while loading or saving data) and is way to overcomplicated (c'mon - even minecraft mods just used lua) ... it'S not even worth to even try to get into this scene.
  14. ... and failed hard. I followed this atlas tutorial - and got it so far that at least within bulldozer I've seen some working stuff. I had a lot of errors, some stuff just went missing years ago (from what I've read thet MapConfigEditor.bat was screwed up - never fixed - and seem to got removed) and in the end after I had packed it as pbo and tried to launch it arma just failed with some pretty hard low level errors ... TLDR: creating a new map from scratch is just ridiculously overcomplicated - respect to all those who are able to get it working All this nonesense with the P drive, have to extract the game files instead of just have the engine access it, forced to somehow generate the basic 3d map via an external tool - how the hell BI itself did their development with this pile of crap? I guess I'll never find out if the engine is actually able to load a map with the full map size of -50km to +500km squared - a size just a bit smaller than what's needed to fit germany in it - I just want to recreated a simple version of my hometown. Why anthing related to ArmA3 has to be so damn hard to get done? The games single player campaign is extreme hard even when played on the easiest difficulty setting, scripting in this weird SQF language is unlike anything else I've ever seen in other languages - and no useful 3d map editor to create maps from scratch. Ok, yes, I know that it pretents to be realistic - but c'mon - don't make creating content for it a life-time challenge. Sadly, the game is pretty dead already - and those who still play are either "veterans" or "rpg fun" communities around AltisLife, Epoch and Exile - and a few others ... I'm actually surprised that it had an official "modding" API (although pretty basic and limited) so things like TaskForceRadio or extDB were even possible in the first place. And although both just only exchange strings and the heavy lifting is done in the external "extension" imagine this API had never existed. DayZ would had never been possible - king of the hill may would had never been a thing and may never had started this whole battle royal hype train ... Please - if there will ever be an Arma4 - let it have a "casual" option ...
  15. Yea, just found another topic from 2013 explaining that, for what ever reason, binoculars is(are?) a weapon instead of an item (the topic was about what adding binoculars via addItem fails). Thanks for that info, guess I'll just have to take it as given. But I still think I may have seen some "modification" of binos somewhere - but can't remember where or in what context - nevermind.