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  1. ShinigamiEater

    How About Two Game Modes?

    Umm im on xb but can only queu up one at a time ?? You on pc? I think its a great idea but reverse normal and hard id like to see it where's there's no anti tactics bs map or crosshairs\hud and limited gear for those who don't cry about how they die
  2. ShinigamiEater

    Instant crafting and lots

    Cry 😿 like thanks 🙏 for having restraint from blowing us to kingdom come but im sure others wouldn't be able to not just wipout a map with a pocket full of mortars IKNOW FOR FACT MY FRIENDS WOULD
  3. ShinigamiEater

    One loot and no campers!!!!!

    Thanks 🙏 so very much for understanding how i feel when i call out cry babys because i don't care how i die it makes me a better adversary knowing there's players that's KNOW combat IRL IS LIKE 89% stealth they understand real guns and tactics i want what your had to be in the dark because that's realistic not knowing you're adversary the map or location IMO that keep Me AND THE SIMULATOR MORE VIGOROUS
  4. ShinigamiEater

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    Id just like the option to play how i did when the game started no holds match no crying no nerfd anti stealth bs you live or die to cry how is pathetic
  5. ShinigamiEater

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    It mostly a joke the ponit is we all cant have want we want the hard mode be a nice challenge with no new players in the mode vets having and using mostly blue items or greater it help the new players to start if they had a option not to face vets with highter grade gear is the idea to the really suggestions is there no way to separate the two lone wolf just keep you in a match with no teams add on IMO IT BE FUN with a hard mode with no map no hud and a limited amount of gear the joke is dipper mode for cry baby who keep crying about how they die
  6. Deves please remove the posting of a player named destroycamper they have clearly no intentions to help improve your simulator there here to harasses players about how they play nothing more but to cause problems and to unmind the players base who enjoy the stealth combat of the game again please remove harassment post or banned the member tyvm
  7. ShinigamiEater

    Aniti camping in a game based on stealth and hiding wtf

    Ill add remove all the bushes around exit so there no placements to hide plus the mark few more cows and IMO that be way less of a punishment for ever player
  8. A consumable that protects you. From the next bullet that hits your torso.This is the worst description of a itme that ever iv seen it eat like a hole clip to the feet cheats and head sure i kill the guy but to say Nicely the decription need a full definition and reworked because the plats dont go on the heads iv seen and gotten blue hit markers on someone face lol thats not the torso and those who say something about the calibers that not my point the description is the nest bullet that hits your torso meaning one bullet and to the body ..not head to toe and a full extra health bar ??
  9. ShinigamiEater

    Instant crafting and lots

    U understand some of these people have millions of materials if they add that you would never stop hearing the mortar strike why because it only cost 4kmaterials to make only reason its not nuke town is it take 60mins to make a stack of 3 fyi 1mill be 250 mortar instantly not a great day if you come across someone in the match with like 25 air strikes
  10. ShinigamiEater

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    Here is a suggestion. We need two different game modes. Hard mode. A No holds fight For those who do not care how they die, or what they die from with no map crosshairs or full scale detector only can bring in blue items or above and limited ammo with more placements to stealth kill other players . And we need a baby diaper wearing mode. For those who are afraid to die. Where you can no longer bring weapons blue and above .remove Crouch &prone. With all of its, Bushes is removed and all players are marked Around the exits. Porblem solved ??
  11. ShinigamiEater

    locked extractions?!

    Id like take 30m matches be great
  12. ShinigamiEater

    Aniti camping in a game based on stealth and hiding wtf

    Destroy is the definition of a hypocrite he literally just admitted he use stealth combat and hides like your the foolish guy on here yet because the hole game and ever player use stealth in this game why its a stealth based loot and shot simulator 🤦‍♂️the level of stupid picks with that comment
  13. ShinigamiEater

    locked extractions?!

    And to the deve no that some how makes it feel worse your skipping the upderline question if the locked exist are incentive to loot then why remove over half the loot opinions why lower loot value why make it even easier to use strategic placement at the only open exit and even easier at the locked 🔒 one because i know it takes time to open bang 💥 he dead why make it easy to hunt new players with detectors why make it harder to hide in a stealh based game then punish both side for the tool/tactics or skills they have and us if im hiding im bomb if i kill to much im marked for death if i pick up the drop & its not (stealthed) marked for death ??? im feel punished for playing you're simulator understand why?
  14. ShinigamiEater

    Aniti camping in a game based on stealth and hiding wtf

    any one think camping a thing is a fool and stupid there no such thing stop cryin about stealth combat way you die get off your cross us the wood to builda bridge and get over it you 12 year old camping a make believe and made up word like santa clus by cry babys who cant shoot stragiht destroyrc is a fool go lean some history because there nothing in the international laws like geneva act or hague act about that made up word go back to cod pug or Fortnite tyvm
  15. ShinigamiEater

    Balancing for Newer Players

    Agreed 👍