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  1. ThePie

    Some Basic Game Mechanic Updates

    Is it possible to leave the exit areas before the 10 seconds are up?
  2. Noticed a issue with the new 3.2 update. See the below video.
  3. ThePie

    Some Basic Game Mechanic Updates

    New Suggestions Matchmaking with others that have a similar K/D and level to the player.
  4. ThePie

    Some Basic Game Mechanic Updates

    Old school Runescape, oh my I haven't heard that mentioned in ages. That is actually what I thought of first with a trading system. However, fOrsythiaa said that was not something they were planning on adding. So just being able to drop items in crates that didn't have any collisions on (you won't get boxed in this way) would be the fastest and easiest solution to this problem. (I've implemented this solution before in the past which is why I suggest it)! Agree as well, just recently discovered the whole buried cache and what the photos are actually for. Took me quite a while but after a week I understand what those are for know, lol.
  5. ThePie

    Some Basic Game Mechanic Updates

    @fOrsythiaa Good to here there's improvements being worked on! All these suggestions are for version 3.1 only. After playing another 10 encounters or so, I take back my suggestion about the player counter. I was not aware of what the signal indicator did. eKLaB mentioned a radiation bug above, I've definitely experienced that also. I would really like to see a option for dropping items on the ground as the "trading system" when playing with a team mate. No need for a trading menu system, just let us drop items on the ground. If you're worried about lots of extra 3D models lying around, when a item is dropped, bag up the item in a brown bag or or crate/chest model and display that instead of the full 3D model for a weapon or other item. Same some precious resources that way. I've experienced and seen in streams a number of times when I'm shooting at someone, pretty close range, and it doesn't seem to be doing much, and then can turn around and my player died within half a second. Hard to say how things are being registered but there seems to be some discrepancy that I've seen people complaining about when it comes to fluid aiming and motion. something that can be improved over time, but its a core game mechanic so should always be a primary focus. Lastly, there really needs to be more info in regards to mechanics in the game. Make a articles online or in-game in which players can read. Then questions can be answered like: Why is there a red phone ringing? What does the signal detector do? Why is there a option for me to dig holes in the ground in this cave?
  6. Hey Vigor Team. After playing this version of the game I have some suggestions for you. Immediate Fixes The "Battle Pass" Menu screen should not be flashing what level you are every time you pass over it. Its audio is too loud, and it freezes the player from continuing to cycle through the menu which is annoying. Egregious team killing right when the match starts should be punished heavily. Walking into car's or some other large objects while playing will cause the player to engage in a "free fall" animation. Should check the boundaries on these objects. When radiation enters the map, it seems to cover the entire map instantly. Take a look at other Battle Royal games such as BF5 or Fortnite (the fire and blue shield is very visible). My suggestion would be to have the radiation come in slower, and be more visible (give it a yellow or green poisonous hue). Future Additions Another map, larger with even more players. Would it "ruin" the gameplay your after if you had a counter that shows the total number of players remaining? Maybe put it somewhere on the map so its not always on the screen, or show it only periodically. Can you give items to your teammate while in game? I haven't seen a way to drop or share items but this would be a very useful team feature. Healing teammates while injured or something like that. Your fellow game developer.