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  1. Sorry for not responding or clarifying, I was in a Rush so all I could say was don't take this seriously. I haven't used these forums much so yeah. It wasn't really much of a request or a suggestion even though I said "suggestion", I was pretty much thinking out loud when I was editing one of my Scenarios. Sorry about that. Also this doesn't matter really but, it looked retarded with the emojis, but you know it autocorrected when I typed in a colon and parentheses and I couldn't get rid of them. Thanks.
  2. Hey CUP Team 🙂, Don't take this seriously it's just a suggestion but, a Marine Corps livery for the CH-47F. Keep up the amazing work 🙂
  3. Hey um I might be a little stupid but, How do you have AI Vehicles unload out of a Zubr? Infantry is fine but I don't know how to get vehicles to unload. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, I don't pay attention. I hope to see it whenever it's done.
  5. Did you guys remove the Pandur APC from the Czech faction? I remember it being there and I can't find it anymore.
  6. Idk, when the ship sways or move it'll just be apart from the ship
  7. Okay, thanks for responding.
  8. Anzac Class Frigate Deck Broken. Well all I have to say is that when your on the Helicopter Deck of the ship, You fall through. I Doubt it'll ever get fixed because it's been like that for years and yeah.