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  1. Hey guys this is pritty dump but I was bored. This is a simple script that spawns a bitmap with any type of object. I know this isnt good programming style but anyway if anybody wants this here you go... Result: https://gyazo.com/c39fb80c405717340eb29e1909dbeba0 You start off with an image: https://gyazo.com/91b72b297473bca082883eeecda2964e You have to mirror vertical and horizontal (you can also change my code so it works without this step). Then you reduce the size to anything you want. Low quality means easy for the game of cause. Then you play with contrast settings and saturation until you get full black and full white image: https://gyazo.com/0685752a3ebabf715fe69154087e8e5d then you upload it to this site: https://www.dcode.fr/binary-image and convert it to binary ull get something like this: You can put this into notepad++ to convert into matrix do control + f and go to replace tab. replace 0 with 0, and 1 with 1, close replace menu, mark any ,\n (\n isnt shown of cause) open replace menu again and replace what is selected with: ],\n[ !!you need to enable advanced replacement option!! add [[ to the front, delete ,[ at the end and add ]; it should look like this: now put this into the script, set _sizeX to with and _sizeY to hight in pixel. Offsets are to move the whole thing around relative to the origin (move up in the air for example) and there you go you can now spawn in anything. Dont know why you should but now you can.
  2. Tested it it works! Thank you for your help man 😍
  3. Ok thank you very much for your effort. I dont own the DLC so it must be the same for everybody. I will post if I find out how to fix it 😙
  4. I just checked it I still have nearly 1GB of storage I didnt change any pictures in the "update" so I dont think that is the problem. Than you tho for your help. I will try to upload something from a different game when I have the time to see if that works.
  5. Hey guys im working on a mission. I uploaded it to the workshop some time ago an I keep updating it but last time I made some changes and couldn't get it to upload. I'm only getting an error message: I my Steam cloud is enabled and I cant find any other settings that could mess with the upload. If anybody has an idea how to fix my problem I would be happy to hear it.
  6. Thank you for your advice but ive got it to work. I messed something up while testing the parameters and thought I had to use select 1 I tested it again and found select 0 to be right for the driver as there is only one string in the _selection array. So if anybody wants the code here you go: driver vehicleName addEventHandler ["HitPart", { (_this select 0) params ["_target", "_shooter", "_projectile", "_position", "_velocity", "_selection", "_ammo", "_vector", "_radius", "_surfaceType", "_isDirect"]; if ((_selection select 0) == "head") then { hint "Head";}; if (((_selection select 0) == "spine") || ((_selection select 0) == "spine1") || ((_selection select 0) == "spine2") ||((_selection select 0) == "spine3")) then { hint "Torso";}; if ((_selection select 0) == "neck") then { hint "Neck";}; if (((_selection select 0) == "arms") || ((_selection select 0) == "leftarm") ||((_selection select 0) == "rightarm")) then { hint "Arm";}; if ((_selection select 0) == "hands") then { hint "Hand";}; if ((_selection select 0) == "pelvis") then { hint "Pelvis";}; if (((_selection select 0) == "leftleg") || ((_selection select 0) == "rightleg") || ((_selection select 0) == "leftupleg") || ((_selection select 0) == "rightupleg")) then { hint "Leg";}; if (((_selection select 0) == "leftfoot") || ((_selection select 0) == "rightfoot")) then { hint "Foot";}; }];
  7. yes changed the name for this post so its easier to read but forgot this one
  8. Hey guys, I don't know what im doing wrong and can't find anser on google. I'm trying to add an eventHandler to the driver of a vehicle wich i spawned before: vehicleName= createVehicle [vehicleToSpawn, getMarkerPos "Marker", [], 0, "NONE" ]; createVehicleCrew vehicleName; deleteVehicle commander vehicleName; driver vehicleName addEventHandler ["HitPart", { (_this select 0) params ["_target", "_shooter", "_projectile", "_position", "_velocity", "_selection", "_ammo", "_vector", "_radius", "_surfaceType", "_isDirect"]; if ((_selection select 1) == "hit_head") then { hint "Head";}; if (((_selection select 1) == "hit_spine1") || ((_selection select 1) == "hit_spine2") ||((_selection select 1) == "hit_spine3")) then { hint "Torso";}; if ((_selection select 1) == "hit_neck") then { hint "Neck";}; if (((_selection select 1) == "hit_arms") || ((_selection select 1) == "hit_leftarm") ||((_selection select 1) == "hit_rightarm")) then { hint "Arm";}; if ((_selection select 1) == "hit_hands") then { hint "Hands";}; if ((_selection select 1) == "hit_pelvis") then { hint "Pelvis";}; if (((_selection select 1) == "hit_leftleg") || ((_selection select 1) == "hit_rightleg")) then { hint "Legs";}; if (((_selection select 1) == "hit_leftfoot") || ((_selection select 1) == "hit_rightfoot")) then { hint "Feet";}; }]; I don't know if the HitPart event handler doesn't work for mounted vehicles or if im doing something else wrong. I tried to get the name of the driver in many ways but none work. If I create an infantry unit the eventHandler works well. I would be happy if someone has an idea or a hint what I could search for. Thanks in advance.
  9. Tanks for the reply. Its true that the script isnt very good. As you said weapons are dealing damage on close ranges. But thats not realy a problem for my use. But do you know how to secify wich weapon becomes a taser? This would help a lot. i think it would be possible to check in the script of the envent handler wich weapon was used but as i am new to scripting i am not sure how to add this exactly. I would be happy if you or anyone else could help me with this.
  10. hey guys, im working on a multiplayer mission. i want to include a taser/ stun gun. i have found the following script, wich works in eden multiplayer but not on my dedicated server. can someone help me fix this script so it works on a dedicated server. im new to scripting and dont realy understand the differences between scripting 4 dedicated servers and eden servers. init.sqf player addEventHandler ["Fired", {[_this select 0, cursorTarget] execVM "stun.sqf"}]; stun.sqf _Shooter = (_this select 0); //Aquires name of shooter. _Victim = (_this select 1); //Aquires name of the victim by "cursorTarget". _Dist = _Shooter distance _Victim; //Returns the distance between the two. if (!(side _Shooter == west) && (isNull _Victim) && _Dist > 50) exitWith {}; //This checks for the conditions you want. _Victim allowDamage false; //Avoids the victim being shot by "Accident".. _Victim switchMove "AinjPfalMstpSnonWnonDf_carried_fallwc"; //Initiates action. sleep 7; //Animation length of victim falling to ground _Victim switchMove ""; //Resets Action, do not change! //_Victim switchMove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_EaseIn"; //Handcuffed. _Victim allowDamage true; //No longer a god and now a normal civ, or, whatever. [format ["%1 hat %2 getasert.", _Shooter, _Victim]] remoteExec ["systemChat"]; thx for help in advance
  11. Nice working perfectly ❤️
  12. Im trying to Start a script inside the init of a sign but im always geting an error message: Error Type Script, expected String, code My code looks like this: This addAction ["myText" ,execVM "myScript.sqf"]; I saw something about starting scripts like this: nul = [] execvm "myScript" but when I try this im geting: missing ] Please help me and excuse my bad englisch.