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    ACE + Exile integration

    so I have ACE and Exile working. the 1st thing you need to do is save the game in a MP mission. then add ACE, load it back up in the arma editor. adjust all the options of ACE you want there. save the mission and put it in your PBO. now you need to add all the medical, and gear you want in to the trader. (this will take a min) then take out the instadocs. for the medical. also change the duct tape ability to fix cars. I am sure someone who knows code would do better than me with all this. I am still in the testing phase on all this but so far its all working out. more info... so on the zombies mod. now if you just want infection and headshots only follow the same steps load the mission in editor and use the 2 functions which operate that. I know ryans zombies have infections in the PBO but I had a reason for doing it that way I just forgot. my server I only have walkers and head shots only, took out the harassing and hoard, so its just town interaction. it just seemed like constant zombie interaction every time I went for an AI mission. anyway hope you get it to work on your end and some of what I said makes sense.