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  1. I am having trouble with my FPS decreasing from 35-40 to a steady 14-15 within ~20 minutes after starting a game, SP or MP. I have tried lowering my settings to standard + disabled for AA/PP, but this seems to only change the starting and decreased FPS. So far it seems like the problem is linked to the mods I use, but they do not cause problems for other people using the same modlist. I have gone through most of available optimization guides and tried the recommended procedures, but so far haven't found anything that would help. The CPU, RAM and GPU usage % also seem pretty conservative throughout gameplay, which could indicate that none of them are really bottlenecking the performance. Here are my computer specs: Windows 10 Intel i5 8600K 3,6 GHz/4,4 GHz boost Nvidia 1060 3 GB G.Skill 16 GB Ripjaws V, DDR4, 3200 MHz, CL16 Game&Mods installed on 250 GB SSD, different from OS. Temps are running at appropriate levels. Somebody mentioned using diag_captureFrame, and here is the output of it: I do not know how to interpret this, but one thing that caught my attention was line 19: scrVM "RemoveStamina". Could this be the cause? The mod does: Sleep 1; player enableStamina false;. I do not understand how this could cause problems, and particularly when they only occur for me.