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  1. So a few days ago I was on this Public Zeus mission involving the USS Freedom, our GM spawned 3 ships south of the Southern coast and I've been trying to replicate the exact mission ever since but because spawning the USS Freedom isn't possible on the Zeus Menu I've had to find a solution through the debug console. And while the ship does spawn at the X and Y coordinates, the Z always stays the same no matter how much I change the value. It always at the bottom of the ocean, unless I continuously spam the command and have the ships stack on top of each other. I could not find a single solution despite 3 hours of research and a few different lines. I use this line of code and still nothing. Image link of what I get: https://imgur.com/a/kTcezVZ _carrier setPosASL [getPosASL _carrier select 0, getPosASL _carrier select 1, 0]; _carrier = "Land_Destroyer_01_base_F" createVehicle [20364,3067,185];